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What Costs are Involved in a Funeral?

What Costs are Involved in a Funeral? Funerals can be beautiful, meaningful ways to celebrate someone’s life and create positive, lasting memories. However, they can also be a source of financial strain on the family. A study by the University of Sydney in 2017 found that the average funeral service costs $4,902, while comparison website finder.com.au found the average cost to be $7,449. It’s worth noting that the cost of a funeral can vary dramatically depending on exactly what it [...]

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Multicultural Funerals in Australia

Multicultural Funerals in Australia No matter what your ethnicity or faith, death is one of life's unavoidable events. While we may not have much of a choice about how or when we die, we can choose how we depart the world with a funeral ceremony that reflects our faith and personal beliefs. From the reflective practices of Judaism to the Hindu belief in reincarnation, here’s how different communities around Australia farewell their loved ones. Hinduism According to the Hindu faith, [...]

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Can I have my funeral in Perth if I live in the country?

Many people who live in the country have family or friends living in Perth, and therefore wish for their funeral to be held there as it is more convenient. However, oftentimes people are unsure of who to turn to – a local funeral director, or a funeral director in the Perth metropolitan area. The answer is that as long as the country funeral director is licenced with the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, they are able to conduct the service. However, we [...]

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What clothes should I dress my loved one in?

Knowing which clothing to dress your loved in for the last time is more difficult than most people realise. Do you dress them in their favourite pair of boardies, or do you use the suit they wore to work for the majority of their working life? As with most decisions pertaining to funerals, it once again comes down to family preferences. Whether it is a nice pair of neat clothes, a uniform, a favourite sports shirt, or a t-shirt and [...]

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Am I able to put items in the coffin with my loved one?

Many people like to place special items of significance with their loved ones prior to the funeral. From teddys to photos to lollies to beer, we have had a huge variety of items placed in coffins. There are very few limits on what can get placed in a coffin. In fact, if you are being buried, then anything can go with the deceased. If it is a cremation, then according to the Metropolitan Cemetery Board rules, alcohol, glass and battery-powered [...]

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How do I choose pallbearers?

To be a pallbearer is a huge honour awarded to some of the most important people in a person’s life. Knowing who to choose can often be very hard, especially when you have a big family or circle of friends. If you have family who are willing and able to do it, it is a wonderful way for them to be involved on the day. It is always special when children or grandchildren can escort their parents or grandparents to [...]

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What areas do you service?

Some of our most frequently asked questions include ‘do you come north of the river?' or ‘do you come to Mandurah?’ and so on. Nowadays, the physical location of a funeral home matters less and less. The majority of funerals are held at one of the cemeteries or a local church, so the number of people that actually come to the funeral home is dwindling rapidly. This means that we can service a larger area, and that is exactly what [...]

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I pre-planned my funeral but want to change companies

Pre-planning is a term that is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It has numerous advantages and it is a fantastic way to be prepared for the future. One thing that stops people from setting up a funeral bond is their fear of being ‘locked in’ to a certain place or funeral director. If that is you, fear no more! When you set up a funeral bond, you do so with your selected funeral home. However, even [...]

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Do I need to have my loved one dressed if there is no viewing?

Dressing the deceased and preparing the body for burial is an age-old tradition. It can be dated all the way back to around 3500BC, where we can read about the mummification process the Egyptians followed. Since those days, pre-funeral rites have changed drastically. Modern-day embalming made its appearance following the American Civil War, and since then embalming has become a common practise. Today there are many families who decide not to have a viewing or have their loved ones embalmed. [...]

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Do I need to wear black to a funeral?

Wearing black to a funeral is an age-old tradition. It started in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria donned all black as a sign of mourning for her husband, Albert. Funeral traditions have come and gone, but where are we now with clothing? The attitude towards funerals has changed significantly in the last 50 years. Instead of mourning the dead, funerals have now become a celebration of life. With that mindset, clothing trends have also been impacted. The days of [...]

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