When choosing between a cremation and a burial, it’s natural to want a clear understanding of what’s involved. While traditional burials are common for many global cultures, not everyone knows exactly what happens at a cremation, the process involved, and how long it takes.

Cremations in Perth have steadily grown in popularity in recent years, to the point where they typically account for two-thirds of funeral services. To make an informed decision about this important time, it’s worthwhile gaining applicable knowledge – from how the body is prepared to when family or friends receive the ashes.

How long do cremations in Perth take?

While some people may feel unwilling to discuss the process surrounding cremation services in Perth, it’s normal to want a firm grasp on what the process entails.

The actual cremation is completed relatively quickly, generally around two hours for an adult at 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius. Influencing factors include the body mass, fat content, and bone density of the deceased, as well as the type of coffin used. When preparation of the body and cooling of the remains are taken into account it typically totals three hours.

However, family members should not expect to receive the ashes until one to two weeks after the body was received due to vital paperwork, administration, and availability of both the crematorium and delivery provider.

The full cremation process

When choosing funeral homes in perth, rest assured the process is made as straightforward as possible to minimise stress during the emotional grieving period. Once all arrangements have been made with the help of a knowledgeable funeral director, the body is cared for by the funeral home while a date is set for the cremation.

In most situations, the service – and optional viewing of the body – takes place the same day or the day before the cremation. Direct cremations (no service) are also an option for those requiring a low fuss or affordable alternative.

Preparation of the body simply involves washing and closing of eyes and mouth before dressing or wrapping the body in a shroud after all battery-powered devices such as pacemakers are removed. Identification papers remain with the body at all times to ensure the right ashes are returned to family members.

Why choose cremation services in Perth?

Whether cultural, religious, or practical reasons influence the decision to be cremated, this efficient process is a dignified way to honour a life well lived.

It also allows friends and family members to retain ashes in a beautiful urn, place them in a memorial garden, return them safely to the country of origin of the deceased, or lovingly say goodbye by scattering them in a special location.

Respectful cremations with Hetherington Funerals

Choosing cremation for yourself or a loved one is a big decision to make. Hetherington Funerals are proud to offer informative, supportive cremation services, and work closely with each family to ensure all wishes of the deceased are closely met.

Contact Hetherington Funerals today to discuss options for cremation services in Perth, or view the wide range of cremation packages available online now.