What takes place at a Māori funeral

Why Māori funerals are so special.   The traditional customs surrounding a Māori funeral are a meaningful way to not only show respect and love for the deceased, but acknowledge and celebrate a beautiful life lived. Once someone has passed away it’s believed their spirit lives on as they join their ancestors in the spirit world, and Māori funerals are a time to grieve their departure from this earth.   Spending this time together is an integral part of the [...]

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How to Make Sure Everyone Can Pay Their Respects

Spending time properly grieving a loved one is an important part of the mourning process. For many, a key part of this is the funeral service. It offers a shared experience where you can connect with others dealing with the same emotions, as well as having the opportunity to personally say goodbye,   For those unable to attend a funeral, the loss of this mutual grieving opportunity can be a tough addition to losing someone special. The widespread travel bans [...]

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Why A Prepaid Funeral Can Be An Investment

Being prepared is an excellent approach to all difficult things in life, and a funeral is no different. Pre-planned funerals in Perth are a reliable way to ensure you have the sendoff you want, while removing stress for your beloved family when the time comes.  Choosing your personal preferences is as important in death as it is in life. By curating a funeral ahead of time, you will not only give yourself a beautiful and well organised goodbye, but save [...]

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Calling for a funeral service while grieving your loss

Calling for a funeral service while grieving your loss The demise of a loved one can be truly earth-shattering. Be it your child, husband, father or someone close, death always takes us by shock. In such times of intense grieving and anxiety, the stress of arranging a funeral service is a heavy weight on your shoulders. This is where our funeral service team at Hetherington comes in to scene. We take care of you while you take care of your [...]

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