More of us than ever before are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Even after our passing, we can leave a legacy that shows our care for the planet by choosing a green funeral.

Today we’re going to discover how to plan a sustainable funeral and the key elements to take into consideration when opting for this type of arrangement.

Understanding Green Funerals

Green funerals offer a more sustainable and responsible alternative to traditional funeral arrangements. They eliminate chemicals that are harmful to the planet and avoid non-decomposable materials that are used in regular caskets. Instead, eco-friendly coffins are used to offer a more conscious farewell to your loved one. So many of us want to continue protecting our planet even after our time on earth is over and this is one way to support the environment after your passing. 

The Importance of Green Funerals

The reason that the majority of our clients work with us and choose a sustainable funeral is due to the large number of benefits of choosing this type of ceremony. Avoiding typical processes such as embalming after your loved one passes can help to reduce your impact on the environment. The embalming procedure usually involves chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which are harmful to the environment and upon those they are used. Caskets are often made of materials that are challenging to recycle or don’t compose, so by choosing a more sustainable material, you can also lessen your impact on the planet. Every decision we make to choose a more sustainable path every day in our lives helps to protect our planet for future generations. 

Choosing a Green Burial Site

As with choosing regular burial sites, you’ll have a selection of options to choose from when picking a green burial site near Perth. When looking into cemeteries and natural burial sites, you’ll want to ask about their eco-conscious practices and ensure they are aligned with the values you and your loved ones share. You will still have the option of burial or cremation when looking at green funerals, as there are options for both types of funeral that are more environmentally friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the site and the processes they use to make the funeral more green and sustainable. Most of these sites share the same passion for the environment and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Selecting a Biodegradable Casket or Shroud

When it comes to the options for sustainable burial vessels, you’ll want to think carefully about the material the casket or shroud is made from. While wood is a popular option for coffins, check if the wood is reclaimed and where it’s been sourced from first. You’ll also want to think about the handles and lining to avoid plastic and metal usage. Sustainable coffins are also available now. These are made from materials such as cardboard, bamboo, wool or willow. You’ll still be able to offer your loved one a beautiful coffin, just without using materials that could impact the environment for years to come. 

Opting for a Green Cremation

If your loved one requested a cremation, consider a water-based cremation. Sometimes known as resomation, this type of cremation uses less energy and there are minimal chemical by-products. Water and potassium hydroxide are used to speed up the process while still honouring your loved one’s request for a cremation. 

Eco-Friendly Memorial Services

A green funeral or memorial service offers you the chance to honour both the deceased and the environment. Every element of the memorial service can be altered to minimise waste and use recycled materials where possible. Orders of service can be printed on recycled materials and you can encourage people to reuse and recycle every element of the service. Incorporate items that your loved one cherished into the service to avoid purchasing anything new. 

Legal Considerations and Permissions

While we are starting to see a huge increase in interest in green funerals, there are some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to green burials in Australia. Make sure you fully review and understand the regulations in your local area and work with our team to ensure you aren’t breaking any local regulations. Most states in the country now have natural burial grounds, but the rules will vary at each site. Our team will be happy to guide you through this process during what we know can be a stressful and challenging time. 

Planning for a Green Funeral Ahead of Time

Many of us want to plan our funerals ahead of time to reduce stress and upset for our loved ones when we pass away. Our team will be happy to create a plan now for a sustainable funeral so that the instructions can simply be followed when the time comes. The more you can research and understand the regulations about green funerals now, the less preparation that will be needed in the future. You can also share your wishes for every element of the funeral to minimise your impact on the planet. 

Cost Considerations

Green funerals sometimes come with a slightly higher price tag, especially while they are still a fairly new option. We recommend budgeting ahead of time where possible if this is something you want to leave in your wishes so that you don’t compromise eco-values in the planning. That being said, if you focus on recycling and reusing some elements of the memorial service, you may be able to save money in some areas to balance out the overall cost. 

Personalising a Green Funeral

As with any type of funeral service, full customisation can take place when planning a green funeral. Our team will be here to support you in fulfilling the wishes of your loved one and sharing their memories during the memorial service. You can still customise the coffin or shroud and choose eco-friendly ways to incorporate their personality and likes into the service.

Contact us today for more information about green funerals. Our team will be here to support you during this challenging time or to discuss any questions you might have about planning a sustainable funeral.