Funeral planning has come a long way. Rather than leaving your funeral service arrangements to family members, it’s possible to choose your preferred options while delivering your loved ones of the stress at the same time with a pre planned funeral.

Discover the vast range of options for pre-planned funerals, and how an experienced funeral director in Perth at Hetherington Funerals can help.

The many benefits of a pre-planned funeral in Perth

While pre-planning a funeral may seem overwhelming and emotional, it relieves stress (and the financial burden) in the long run. Contemporary funeral homes in Perth offer a wide range of niche services to choose from, allowing you to arrange the ideal funeral for your requirements, budget, and personal taste.

The following guide will help relieve the stress of preplanning a funeral, and take the burden off family members while ensuring each wish is carried out by a knowledgeable and reliable funeral home.

A wide range of available funeral options

Almost everyone has an opinion about how they would like their final farewell to play out. Opting for a prepaid  funeral enables you to take control of the services and ensure it’s carried out to your personal preferences. An experienced funeral director in Perth can help you plan the ideal send-off, whether you opt for a unique cultural service or an eco-friendly burial.


Cremations are available in a wide range of funeral packages to suit varied tastes, budgets, and needs.


With extensive experience helping grieving families arrange both traditional and custom burial services, Hetherington Funerals are adept at arranging all details from burial plots to paperwork.

Eco funerals

A growing concern for the environment has seen eco funerals jump in popularity, with many helpful options available to reduce your carbon footprint such as biodegradable urns, wood coffins, and natural burial sites.

Cultural funerals

Select an appropriate service for you from a diverse range of cultural and religious funeral options at Hetherington Funerals, including Māori or Polynesian services.


The challenging process of repatriation is made much easier with the help of an expert funeral director in Perth.

Live streaming

Enable faraway friends or family members who cannot travel to join the grieving process via live stream.

Choosing niche, versatile services that are right for you

Just like each life is unique, each prepaid funeral in Perth should be as special as the person it represents. Hetherington Funerals respects everyone’s original wishes for their funeral, providing a range of niche services to cater to many versatile needs and wishes:

  • Cemetery monument works
  • Funeral and death notices
  • Paperwork and permits
  • A wide range of coffins, caskets, and uns
  • Embalming and body preparation
  • Viewings
  • Celebrant or clergy
  • Church or chapel services
  • A mourning coach vehicle
  • Catering
  • Music and DVD slideshow
  • Professional video

Find a helpful funeral director in Perth at Hetherington Funerals

As a long-standing and respected provider of versatile funeral services in Perth, Hetherington Funerals are a renowned family-owned funeral home with an ethos of care, compassion, and dedicated support services.

Get in touch today to begin pre-planning your funeral, or call (08) 9459 2846 to discuss the wide range of niche services available for the funeral of you or your loved one.