Did you hear about the woman who woke up in a mortuary just before getting embalmed in America? Eric chatted with Michael and Carmen from 6PR Weekend Breakfast about the situation and the likelihood of it ever happening in WA, as well as giving some behind-the-scenes insight of what happens at a funeral home.

It is always a pleasure speaking with Eric Dekker regarding the funeral industry. We both have a passion for educating people, and to be able to openly and honestly discuss issues surrounding the funeral industry has been great. Our monthly chats are always informative, not only to the listeners but also for myself.

Tune into Curtin FM 100.01 and hear Hetherington Funerals own Eric Dekker chatting with Jenny Seaton about all thing funeral related.


Top 10 Questions Funeral Directors Are Asked

Top 10 Questions Funeral Directors Are Asked

There seems to be a cloud of secrecy surrounding the funeral industry, which makes people very curious about what really goes on. When we meet new people, we tend to get some very interesting questions, and so we thought we would answer the questions we are asked most...

Funerals: The Process Explained

Funerals: The Process Explained

As funeral directors, we encounter people every day who are dealing with grief and loss. We see people at their most vulnerable time, who are then expected to make huge decisions immediately. Over time, we have learnt that one of the biggest factors that contribute to...

The Truth about Funerals in WA

The Truth about Funerals in WA

Let’s be honest: the topic of death, dying and funerals makes most of us quite uncomfortable. I am sure most of you are familiar with the words of Benjamin Franklin; ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ So, if death is such a...

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