One key part of arranging a cremation service is choosing an urn for the ashes. Providing families with a beautiful urn to carry away the remains of their loved one is both a form of closure and a personalised goodbye.

With so many styles and designs on offer, selecting the right urn for you or a loved one can feel like a stressful choice to make. It’s understandable to want to do someone’s legacy justice, and part of this can be choosing the perfect urn for to match the personality of the deceased.

By using the following informed guide, you can now easily choose between all the quality urns we have to offer.

What will be the final resting place?

The first question to ask yourself when choosing an urn is where it will end up. Deciding if it will be placed in a visible location or not helps determine the right form of urn for this specific occasion.

On display

Should the final resting place of the urn be in a family members home, or somewhere special, it makes sense to choose an urn that looks and feels right for you. Consider keepsake urns that offer sentimental value as well as lovely aesthetics, such as the stunning Mother of Pearl Urn or an Antique Silver Oak Urn.


Those who decide to bury the ashes inside an urn, be it in water or land, may decide eco-friendly urns are the most sensible option, as this allows them to organically become part of the earth in an eco-friendly way. Other popular choices include classic Timber urns, or beautiful Aria Tree of Life urns, which can be buried inside an urn vault.

Scattered ashes

When it comes to spreading ashes at the request of your loved one, scattering urns Perth are both practical and gorgeous to look at. The Serenity Scattering urn acts as both a beautiful final vessel and a means to easily scatter ashes in the chosen location.

Choose a material

Determining the best form of material for your scattering or keepsake urns is a helpful way to decide the right choice for you or your loved one. Many people have a clear idea of what they desire their urn to be made from, as well as their chosen design style, so it is important to take their wishes into consideration.

Classic materials like Bronze urns and Copper urns will never go out of style when on display, and natural materials for eco-friendly cremation urns are perfect for burials or temporary scattering urns. Other options include wood, metal, ceramic, and much more.

Determine the size

One practical element to consider is the weight of the deceased, as this determines the correct size of urns Perth to choose from. Speak to our friendly team today for help figuring out the best size of keepsakes urns for your requirements.

Quality cremation urns Perth

Hetherington Funerals takes immense pride in offering respectful services in a wholly empathetic manner, providing quality options for all preferences and budgets. Whether you choose from stylish keepsake urns or eco-friendly cremation urns, our helpful team is at hand to make this journey as easy as possible for you. Contact us today with any queries.