No matter how many years go by, you’ll never forget the caring presence of a lost loved one. Taking the time to celebrate their life by honouring their passing is not just a beautiful way to pay tribute, but a positive way to deal with loss in the years following cremation ceremonies or pre planned funerals.

Discover key ways to best honour the anniversary of a dear one’s death, and how it can bring a silver lining to an otherwise difficult time. 

Gather together

Starting a tradition where friends and family spend time together on the anniversary of a loved one’s death provides solace, and provides the opportunity to connect and share stories. Ask Perth funeral directors for their advice or involvement on this special day. 

Visit their resting place

Whether their loved one is resting in a cemetery or their ashes were scattered among wildflowers, taking the time to visit their final earthly destination is a beautiful yearly tradition.

Create a memorial 

While even the most caring funeral services in Perth can feel sad, a memorial project is a positive way to bring joy back into a day of mourning. Grow a garden or sponsor a park bench  – whichever tribute you feel best suits the passions and personality of your lost loved one. 

Explore and honour

If your loved one was an adventurer, why not take friends and family away each year as a moving way to honour their life. Especially for those struggling with loss, this is a positive way to move on with your life as they would have wanted. 

Cook their recipes

Whether your dad made an epic paella or your granny was known for her apple crumble, recreating legacy recipes is a fantastic way to keep their memory alive and pass on traditions to younger family members. Why not take inspiration from the menu they requested in their pre planned funeral plans?

Record your memories

Journaling your feelings or compiling a photo album of your favourite moments with your loved one is a productive way to channel grief. Whether you love to write songs or create an original painting, this can be a peaceful way to commemorate this special day. 

Simply stay home

Sometimes the best way to pay tribute is by simply taking stock of your feelings at home in comfort. Maybe watch their favourite movie, or rifle through their books; grief is different for everyone and it’s ok to feel sad on their anniversary. 

Get empathetic help from a Perth funeral director

For those dedicated to religion or tradition, a great way to honour your loved one is working with an experienced funeral director on a dedicated church service, or formal commemoration service. Seek comfort in others, and grieve in whatever way comforts you.

Dignified funeral services in Perth 

Hetherington Funerals specialise in the provision of empathetic funeral and cremation services, each one as special and unique as the deceased. With a wide range of curated options available, from eco-friendly burials to special cultural services, a dedicated team is on hand to help create the perfect send-off for you or your loved one.

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