Preparing a funeral for a loved one, or pre-planning one for yourself, can often feel like an exhausting, stressful process, especially when the weight of payment falls to you.

However, it’s vital to have the correct information before deciding to disregard the essential organisation and practical help an experienced funeral director in Perth can bring to the table

While you may desire a simple send off, the reality is both cremations and funerals require specific expertise to go ahead. This article outlines the reasons for this, and why a DIY funeral just won’t work. 


What’s wrong with a DIY funeral?

It may seem tempting to skip working with knowledgeable Perth funeral directors, and go straight to a crematorium or cemetery to arrange a DIY funeral. While there is nothing wrong with this per se, unfortunately it is simply not feasible due to industry policies and government regulations.

Funeral directors act as the link between families and cemeteries or crematoriums, with these businesses refusing to work directly with consumers regardless of whether they obtained permits or not. The all-encompassing roles of funeral directors makes the entire process smoother for all involved; from working with the crematorium, delivering the ashes, detailed administrative work including death certificate and permits, and coordinating transport and all other essential components of the process.


Why you need help with funeral arrangements

The stress of attempting a DIY funeral can be excessive during an already draining period. Family members can attempt to mask grief with productivity, but the strain of taking matters into their own hands regarding permits and adhering to state regulations for body disposal is emotionally exhausting, and can easily lead to burn out. 

Accessing the skills and in depth industry knowledge of an empathetic funeral director in Perth is essential in WA, but you can choose to handle other important aspects yourself, like dressing the body, or involve the help of a trusted director for all areas.


The value of an experienced funeral director in Perth

Having someone by your side to provide assistance during this difficult time is invaluable. You cannot block out the grieving process, but knowledgeable Perth funeral directors have the experience and knowledge to handle this oftentimes stressful process, and handle it in a professional and empathetic manner. 

Having aided many families through the funeral of a loved one, Hetherington Funerals’ respectful team can be the caring guide you need to make the required arrangements without feeling like the world is on your shoulders. 

Whether you opt for a simple unattended cremation, with a seperate celebration of life, or a comprehensive funeral package, the guarantee from Hetherington Funerals is peace of mind – knowing comfort and practical support is one hand throughout all arrangements.


Gentle guidance from empathetic Perth funeral directors

Hetherington Funerals are long-standing independent and dedicated Perth funeral directors. Operating as a family owned funeral home, we’re proud to offer support and stress relief to fellow WA families and many valued clients during the difficult loss of a loved one. 

If you would like guidance or information regarding one of our funeral or cremation packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and speak to a friendly member of our close knit team.