Feeling the loss of a loved one deeply isn’t just normal, it’s natural. Grief shows you are an emotional, loving, and complex human being who bonds closely with others through purposeful relationships.

While mourning the passing of a beloved friend or family member is necessary, navigating the grieving process alone, or prolonging those accompanying negative feelings, is far from healthy. 

Grief can throw a lot of curveballs, so it’s best to prepare yourself for funeral services in Perth as well as possible. Learn more from the advice below, and remember, nothing beats quality emotional support.


Managing the grief process

There’s no right or wrong way to mourn the loss of a loved one. Whether it was a family member or long-term friend who passed away, everyone responds and processes grief in their own way.

What is always important, however, is having supportive people nearby to assist you through this difficult time. This might mean having a shoulder to cry on, walk your dog, or letting someone cook a few meals for you.

Working with experienced Perth funeral directors is another key avenue for support during this emotional time, as their knowledge and understanding makes the funeral arrangement process less stressful, and more meaningful.


Reach out for help when you need it 

The time leading up to a funeral service in Perth can often be an incredibly difficult time, with so many details to arrange and practical chores to complete. The majority of people are more than happy to help, as it helps them come to terms with their own grief while aiding someone else. 

Whether you need someone to talk to, or help with cleaning before the funeral, don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to those around you, such as:

  • Cooking meals
  • Cleaning the house, such as laundry and ironing
  • Mow the lawn
  • Help look after children or ill relatives
  • Collect groceries or additional items for the funeral
  • Bring extra chairs and tables
  • Collect guests or drive people to and from the airport
  • Stay in touch, and be a listening ear when needed 

Benefits of pre-planned funerals for grieving

Dealing with grief after the loss of a loved one can feel unbearable. One aspect that can be particularly stressful to manage during this time is arranging funeral services in Perth, with lots of decisions to be made in a short amount of time.

Opting for pre-planned funerals is one way to help those close to you during the event of your passing. Making all the important decisions ahead of time relieves them of that burden during an already difficult mourning period, and allows you the benefit of ensuring you have your ideal send off.


Empathetic Perth funeral directors

It can be difficult to arrange a funeral during an intense grieving period. Hetherington Funerals are experienced and empathetic Perth funeral directors, prepared to be on hand during one of the most difficult times in your life. 

Whether you’re looking into pre-planned funerals or need assistance after the passing of a loved one, Hetherington Funerals has an extensive range of options and helpful services to reduce the impact on your grief.

Contact us today with any queries, or to learn more about the benefits of pre-planned funerals.