Being prepared is an excellent approach to all difficult things in life, and a funeral is no different. Pre-planned funerals in Perth are a reliable way to ensure you have the sendoff you want, while removing stress for your beloved family when the time comes. 

Choosing your personal preferences is as important in death as it is in life. By curating a funeral ahead of time, you will not only give yourself a beautiful and well organised goodbye, but save your loved ones the pressure of arranging a funeral during a time of duress, as well as save on money.

What does it involve?

Opting for a prepaid funeral in Perth means your wishes are clear for all to follow. As experienced Perth funeral directors, adept at preplanning ceremonies, we will be on hand to walk you through the process. 

This starts with choosing a burial or cremation, followed by details of the service such as location and coffin style. Once the funeral arrangements have been decided upon, we will walk you through the financial options available. From simply pre-arranging (no money put down), to paying off a funeral bond, or paying it off completely, we can help you to make the right decision for you.  

By finalising these details ahead of time you can manage the budget as well as the payment plan, giving you complete control. A prepaid funeral is an investment, removing pressure from you and yours while organising costs well in advance. 

The benefits of a prepaid Perth funeral

There are a multitude of rewards that come with planning a funeral ahead of time. It gives the gift of time to your family, who can focus on grieving without having to plan a sendoff. Making crucial decisions can be a burden to someone dealing with a bereavement, so a prepaid Perth funeral removes the pressure of organising one at a time of loss.

You get the gift of having a funeral designed exactly to your wishes. While we may no longer be around to see this personalised send off, our loved ones will be. They deserve the opportunity to mourn their loss, and celebrate a life, exactly as you would have wanted them to.

Removing financial pressure

This may be the most important reason to pre-plan your funeral. Anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close to them who does not have a will, or clearly stated funeral plans, understands the immense stress this invokes.

By arranging details ahead of time, the urgency of the unknown is removed from an already difficult time. We offer installment plans to assist in covering the costs over time, rather than one lump sum. Nothing seems to add pressure like money concerns, so having a clear financial plan in place will relieve unnecessary agony for those involved parties.

Your trusted Perth funeral directors 

The dedicated team at Hetherington Funerals has been supporting families through personal losses since the 1990’s, ensuring a distinguished farewell deserved by all. Our experience makes us experts at leading Perth funerals, and assisting family and friends wherever possible. Losing a loved one is never easy, so rely on our expert Perth funeral directors to help you through this difficult time. To learn more about prepaid funerals and the various options available, get in touch today.