What takes place at a Māori funeral

Why Māori funerals are so special.   The traditional customs surrounding a Māori funeral are a meaningful way to not only show respect and love for the deceased, but acknowledge and celebrate a beautiful life lived. Once someone has passed away it’s believed their spirit lives on as they join their ancestors in the spirit world, and Māori funerals are a time to grieve their departure from this earth.   Spending this time together is an integral part of the [...]

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How to Make Sure Everyone Can Pay Their Respects

Spending time properly grieving a loved one is an important part of the mourning process. For many, a key part of this is the funeral service. It offers a shared experience where you can connect with others dealing with the same emotions, as well as having the opportunity to personally say goodbye,   For those unable to attend a funeral, the loss of this mutual grieving opportunity can be a tough addition to losing someone special. The widespread travel bans [...]

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Why A Prepaid Funeral Can Be An Investment

Being prepared is an excellent approach to all difficult things in life, and a funeral is no different. Pre-planned funerals in Perth are a reliable way to ensure you have the sendoff you want, while removing stress for your beloved family when the time comes.  Choosing your personal preferences is as important in death as it is in life. By curating a funeral ahead of time, you will not only give yourself a beautiful and well organised goodbye, but save [...]

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Leaving a Bequest in Your Will

Leaving a Bequest in Your Will Your will allows you to make a gift of any possessions and money you leave behind once you pass away. This is called a bequest. It can be made to any individual or organisation of your choosing. For example, many people choose to leave a bequest to a charity in their will. Leaving a bequest in your will requires a specific process to ensure it is valid. Types of Bequests There are a variety [...]

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How Does Body Donation Work?

How Does Body Donation Work? Body donation is different from organ donation, as the whole body is used rather than selected parts. Donating your body to an institution such as a university is a generous way of advancing research in medicine and science while helping to educate the next generation of health professionals. Various health laws in each state and territory of Australia govern the process and several steps must be followed before a body donation can occur. Find a [...]

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Do I Need Funeral Insurance?

Do I Need Funeral Insurance? Daytime TV is saturated with advertisements for funeral insurance. They warn of the significant financial impact that organising a funeral can have on your loved ones when you pass away. They also argue that insurance is the only protection for families. But is that true? While funeral insurance might be appropriate in some circumstances, we at Hetherington Funerals believe a Funeral Bond is the best way to financially prepare for the funeral.  What is Funeral Insurance Exactly? Funeral insurance is a financial product and essentially isn’t very different from [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Pre-planning Your Funeral

What are the Benefits of Pre-planning Your Funeral When someone dies in the family, it’s common for everyone to feel confused about what to do first when it comes to funeral arrangements. Planning at short notice can be difficult, especially when processing grief. Pre-planning your funeral mitigates most of the stress and extra costs associated with planning a funeral ceremony. Improved Planning By pre-planning your funeral, you can take care of many of the key details and arrangements in advance. [...]

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Music at a Funeral

Have you ever been to a funeral and thought “this song describes my loved one perfectly?” Or perhaps you heard the music and thought it was highly inappropriate, or something you would never choose. In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, ‘where words fail, music speaks.’ Music has the power to move people, and it is no different at a funeral. Choosing the music for a service is where many people put most thought and effort. Traditionally, there are four songs [...]

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What is Involved in the Funeral and Final Disposition Planning Process

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE FUNERAL AND FINAL DISPOSITION PLANNING PROCESS Many people understand, at least theoretically, what is involved in a funeral service. We identify the location for the service, notify loved ones and coordinate the details of the service; from flowers to eulogy to music and the wake. Following the service, many people can feel uneasy; this is the part of the process that is least familiar. Understanding this part of the process allows you to feel more [...]

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Talking to loved ones about final wishes

TALKING TO LOVED ONES ABOUT FINAL WISHES Many people feel uncomfortable broaching the subject of death, but when someone passes they often wish they had. Understanding the wishes of your loved one for when they pass eases the decisions that follow. The planning of a funeral service and thinking of how you wish to remember your loved one is easier with their input, making you comfortable that you were able to honour their wishes. The hardest part is starting the conversation, it [...]

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