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Music at a Funeral

Have you ever been to a funeral and thought “this song describes my loved one perfectly?” Or perhaps you heard the music and thought it was highly inappropriate, or something you would never choose. In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, ‘where words fail, music speaks.’ Music has the power to move people, and it is no different at a funeral. Choosing the music for a service is where many people put most thought and effort. Traditionally, there are four songs [...]

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What is Involved in the Funeral and Final Disposition Planning Process

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE FUNERAL AND FINAL DISPOSITION PLANNING PROCESS Many people understand, at least theoretically, what is involved in a funeral service. We identify the location for the service, notify loved ones and coordinate the details of the service; from flowers to eulogy to music and the wake. Following the service, many people can feel uneasy; this is the part of the process that is least familiar. Understanding this part of the process allows you to feel more [...]

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Talking to loved ones about final wishes

TALKING TO LOVED ONES ABOUT FINAL WISHES Many people feel uncomfortable broaching the subject of death, but when someone passes they often wish they had. Understanding the wishes of your loved one for when they pass eases the decisions that follow. The planning of a funeral service and thinking of how you wish to remember your loved one is easier with their input, making you comfortable that you were able to honour their wishes. The hardest part is starting the conversation, it [...]

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Can I Design the funeral ceremony

CAN I DESIGN THE FUNERAL CEREMONY? You know your loved ones better than anyone and often the process of designing their funeral service is a way to honour their life and their final wishes. These days, it is common for families to take an active part in the planning of the funeral service. Thankfully, you do not need to do this alone but you can have as much involvement as you wish, to say goodbye to your loved one in a [...]

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