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Where Can You Have a Funeral?

Where Can You Have a Funeral? The most common venues when it comes to holding a funeral ceremony are places of worship and the ceremonial halls of cemeteries and crematoriums. However, there are plenty of other options. In fact, when it comes to the service or ceremony side of a funeral, there are no rules aside from what you and your loved ones want. It can be as formal or as casual as you would like and can take place [...]

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Managing Social Media Accounts After Death

Managing Social Media Accounts After Death Social media plays a central role in our lives today. But what happens once we pass away? Over the years there have been several unfortunate incidents regarding the social media profiles of the deceased such as the account being hacked and sending out spam, upsetting friends and relatives. In response, social media platforms now provide options for you to manage the profiles of deceased loved ones. This includes deactivation as well as ways to [...]

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Tips for Holding a Wake

Tips for Holding a Wake When making funeral arrangements, you may also want to have a reception afterwards, called a wake, where friends and family can gather to socialise and remember the life of your loved one. Wakes are generally less formal than the ceremony, creating a space for people to gather, share stories of your loved ones together and celebrate their life. If you are organising a wake, there are a few key considerations such as the venue, catering [...]

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What is Delayed Grief?

What is Delayed Grief? Grief comes in many forms. Some people experience feelings of profound sadness, anger and guilt for a few months or a couple of years following the death of a loved one, then find they can begin healing and move on. For others, feelings of grief can take longer to settle in, even occurring years later. This is called delayed grief, and it’s quite common. Delayed grief can cause additional difficulties because by the time you do [...]

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How to Support Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

How to Support Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One When someone you care about is grieving after the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to know what to say or do. They may be struggling with a variety of painful and intense emotions including depression, anger, sadness and feelings of isolation. It’s important not to let your fears about doing or saying the wrong thing stop you from reaching out and being supportive. You don’t need [...]

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Tips for Dealing With the Division of Possessions

Tips for Dealing With the Division of Possessions The passing of a loved one is one of the most significant challenges we face during our life. In addition to processing your grief, you need to deal with administrative tasks such as sorting through the estate and making funeral arrangements. Careful planning and having the knowledge and right professional support is important for dealing with the division of possessions. Administration of the Estate The executor of a deceased person’s will has [...]

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How Does Body Donation Work?

How Does Body Donation Work? Body donation is different from organ donation, as the whole body is used rather than selected parts. Donating your body to an institution such as a university is a generous way of advancing research in medicine and science while helping to educate the next generation of health professionals. Various health laws in each state and territory of Australia govern the process and several steps must be followed before a body donation can occur. Find a [...]

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What is the Role of a Funeral Director?

What is the Role of a Funeral Director? When a family member or close friend passes away, making decisions and handling logistics regarding funeral arrangements can be difficult while you are grieving. An experienced funeral director is there to help organise the funeral providing support during your time of loss. They are there to guide you through all the options and necessary considerations, while taking away some of the burden of arranging a memorable and meaningful funeral ceremony for your [...]

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What Do I Do When Someone Passes Away?

What Do I Do When Someone Passes Away? When a loved one passes away, it can feel overwhelming and you may be unsure what to do first. The process differs depending on whether the death is expected (i.e. due to old age or a terminal health condition) or unexpected (e.g. due to a traffic accident). If the death occurs in a hospital or care facility, the staff there will help you through the process and understanding what you need to [...]

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What Costs are Involved in a Funeral?

What Costs are Involved in a Funeral? Funerals can be beautiful, meaningful ways to celebrate someone’s life and create positive, lasting memories. However, they can also be a source of financial strain on the family. A study by the University of Sydney in 2017 found that the average funeral service costs $4,902, while comparison website finder.com.au found the average cost to be $7,449. It’s worth noting that the cost of a funeral can vary dramatically depending on exactly what it [...]

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