Many people feel uncomfortable broaching the subject of death, but when someone passes they often wish they had. Understanding the wishes of your loved one for when they pass eases the decisions that follow. The planning of a funeral service and thinking of how you wish to remember your loved one is easier with their input, making you comfortable that you were able to honour their wishes.

The hardest part is starting the conversation, it won’t be easy, of course, but it is helpful. Consider the following:

Consider the best approach for discussing your loved one’s last wishes that you are comfortable with, but here are some ideas:

Broaching the Subject of Death

You know your loved one best. Consider their openness to discussing tough topics. Is it better to be direct, or to use hypothetical questions to ease into the topic? Try to frame the conversation so that they understand your motives for asking. Let them know that it is important for you to know what their final wishes would be and that you wish for them to also understand yours. Start broad and then go into more details.

What You Need to Know

Planning a service is an emotionally challenging task. Learning from your loved one the specifics they would like will help with this process. Try to learn from your loved one:

  • Do they wish to be buried or cremated?
  • Would they like flowers? If so, what kind of flowers?
  • What music would they like to be played?
  • Do they wish to be buried or cremated with any possessions?
  • Who would they like to attend? If there are certain relationships in their life that are strained, would they wish for them to be there? Do they have any messages for these people?

How Would They Like to Be Remembered

Many people will have thought at one point how they wish to be remembered when they pass. Discuss this with your loved one. Ask them how they would like to be remembered; if they have special places or things that they wish to be a symbol of their life after they are gone. Ask them if there are ceremonies or symbols that they would like to be remembered through so that you can honour this and comfortably share this with their family and friends after they pass.

If you have ill or elderly loved ones, it is especially important to broach this subject and consider pre-planning to help relieve some of the burdens and have arrangements already in place, in accordance with their final wishes.

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