Being prepared is a great way to reduce stress about a situation, and pre-planning a funeral is no different.

Close friends and family have a tough time when someone passes, and having to arrange a meaningful send-off while simultaneously grieving a heartfelt loss only makes it more difficult. Having a pre-planned funeral is a beautiful parting gift to those nearest to you, removing the organisational burden from loved ones while giving you a dream send-off.

If you’ve decided on a pre planned funeral in Perth but aren’t sure where to start, the following guide details how to navigate this unique journey, and how expert help can make the process an easy one.

What type of service suits you?

The beauty of pre-planning a funeral is curating a service that aligns with your unique wishes. This in turn alleviates stress from loved ones, and ensures peace of mind for all involved.

The first step is determining what form of service or event you feel best represents your personal wishes. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want a burial or cremation?
  • Is a memorial service important to me?
  • Should the service be before or after the burial/cremation?
  • Is a church, graveside, or home service best for me?
  • Would I like a wake or viewing included in the events?
  • What (if any) religion or spiritual mourning traditions matter to me?


Once you have considered these important aspects, it is recommended to work with an experienced Perth funeral director to utilise their invaluable knowledge, and reduce the stress that can accompany a pre-planned Perth funeral.

Consider which personal touches matter

Once you have determined the main structure of your funeral or cremation, it’s time to think about what personal beliefs or preferences you wish to be included. Pre-planning your funeral allows you to spend plenty of time on smaller details, such as the event location, poems or readings to be delivered, as well as which people are to be involved, for example, pallbearers.

Many people become overwhelmed when preplanning a funeral, which is only natural considering we all want a perfect send-off to celebrate our lives. Working with established Perth funeral directors not only lightens this burden, but ensures a cohesive ceremony is arranged.

Make a list – and check it twice!

Considering most of us have never organised a funeral or cremation before, it’s completely normal to feel stressed about your pre planned funeral Perth. With plenty of major and minor decisions to be made, one of the best ways to ensure well formulated service is writing a to do list. This might include questions such as:

  • Which venue or location?
  • Cremation or burial?
  • Who is to preside over the service?
  • Where should the remains go? Urn, scattered, plot, crypt, etc.
  • Religious service, or alternative?
  • Types of flowers?
  • What is the budget?
  • Type of coffin or casket?

Trust in experience with Hetherington Funerals

Pre-planning your funeral can be one of the greatest gifts you can offer your loved ones. Although it may seem a daunting task before you begin, once completed, it relieves a huge burden. As well-established Perth funeral directors, Hetherington Funerals are proud to be trusted by so many people when it comes to arranging their Perth funeral ahead of time.

To learn about pre-planned funerals Perth, or for any queries, please get in touch today and speak to a friendly member of our knowledgeable team.