Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a funeral home? What goes on inside the head of a funeral director? When a death occurs, we’re rightfully consumed by our own grief and the funeral planning process. We don’t usually consider the people who make it easier for us to say goodbye to our deceased loved one.

Here are some little-known facts about what goes on inside the mind of a funeral home director.

We Are Natural Caregivers

While the funeral industry is a business, no one becomes a funeral director unless they are a natural caregiver. Funeral directors will always reach out to help you and your family because they find satisfaction in ensuring a meaningful experience for others.

As such, this makes funeral home directors very conflicted people. They are happy to serve and ease your grief but they remain exposed to misery, the demanding schedule and the 24-hour work of funeral directing.

Funeral directors are more grateful than you know for a verbal affirmation that everything they have done for the grieving family has been well received, helpful and appreciated.

We Have a Good Perspective on Life

Being around death so much gives you a good perspective on what is important in life. Funeral directors are able to see that there are more important things in life than superficial needs and wants. For the most part, their priorities do not lie in achieving bigger cars, houses and salaries. They often find spirituality in death as it helps them become more human.

Funeral Directors Don’t Make Great Friends

Funeral directors are very good, caring people. But a lot of the time, they use most of that energy on their job. They work unconventional hours and are always on call. Whether it’s the middle of the night or at a friend’s wedding, they might drop everything and have to run to work if needed.

Making the Deceased Look Presentable Takes Work

Aside from everything that goes into embalming, “setting the features” or creating a peaceful facial expression on a body, requires a lot of work. The effort that goes into preparing for an open casket ceremony reflects the importance and the care put into the entire funeral occasion. It is an important occasion that is uplifted by morticians, funeral directors, family and friends.

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