When faced with choosing a cremation urn, it’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed. Making a decision like this comes with a certain pressure, as it’s a visual reminder of what a much-treasured person meant to others, as well as a final resting place.


So how do you set about finding the right urn? Narrowing down key factors such as colour, size, and shape can help, and with a vast array of stunning urns available from Hetherington Funerals, there is a style out there to suit the personality and tastes of your loved one.


Where is it to be placed?


Considering the final resting place of your loved one’s cremation urn in Perth can be a helpful start, before considering style or shape. If the urn is to be placed in someone’s home as a memorial, beautifully designed keepsake urns can be the perfect option.


For those who wish their ashes to be scattered or buried, variations built specifically for scattering could be a good option, as well as eco-friendly urns should it be a temporary resting place. If a permanent memorial in a cemetery or vault is the final resting place, a timeless material can be a good choice, such as the Glenwood grey marble urns.


The ideal size


Typically, an adult urn is the required size for almost all grown ups, with extra large sizes available for tall or well-built people. Medium sized options are available for holding divided urns going to multiple friends or family members, or for a child’s resting place. 


Smaller sized keepsake urns are perfect for holding ashes of small amounts to be kept as tokens of remembrance, such as the Aria Tree of Life design.


If the urn is to be placed in a columbarium or church, be sure to check spatial dimensions of the available area before making a purchase. The friendly and empathetic personnel at Hetherington Funerals are on hand to help with any queries or concerns, and can help advise on suitable size and shape of urns if you’re at all unsure. 

Choosing the right style

With so many stunning options available – from beautiful raku urns and antique styles, to gorgeous floral patterns and unique engraved urns – choosing the perfect design can seem overwhelming. However, once you focus on the personal tastes and style of your loved one, and focus on keepsake urns that will honour their memory, the perfect choice will become clear. 


Consider the material, and what is best suited to the urns final resting place – this might be an eco-friendly cremation urns in the form of a simple, warm wooden box, or an artistic piece made from ceramic or glass to represent the creative or stately presence of your lost loved one. 

Quality and compassion from Hetherington Funerals

A key part of providing suitable, well-planned funeral and cremation services here at Hetherington Funerals is offering a wide range of beautiful, quality urns. We understand the importance of choosing an urn, as it represents the memory of your loved one. 


For more information on the different types of cremation urns we offer, or for any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to a friendly member of our staff.