Wearing black to a funeral is an age-old tradition. It started in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria donned all black as a sign of mourning for her husband, Albert. Funeral traditions have come and gone, but where are we now with clothing?

The attitude towards funerals has changed significantly in the last 50 years. Instead of mourning the dead, funerals have now become a celebration of life. With that mindset, clothing trends have also been impacted. The days of wearing all black are disappearing, with most people now wearing bright colours. In fact, some families even go so far as to request their loved one’s favourite colour, or the colours of their favourite sports team.

Fashion and trends come and go, and it affects funerals as much as anything else. So, if you are in doubt, allow me to set your mind at ease. It is perfectly acceptable to wear coloured clothing, and it will not be deemed offensive.