Am I able to put items in the coffin with my loved one?

//Am I able to put items in the coffin with my loved one?

Many people like to place special items of significance with their loved ones prior to the funeral. From teddys to photos to lollies to beer, we have had a huge variety of items placed in coffins.

There are very few limits on what can get placed in a coffin. In fact, if you are being buried, then anything can go with the deceased. If it is a cremation, then according to the Metropolitan Cemetery Board rules, alcohol, glass and battery-powered items are not allowed.

The MCB states that “…any other small item of a readily combustible material that will not explode when subjected to heat, or on combustion, generate temperatures, emissions or residues that are unacceptable or may pose a potential risk to health or the environment…” is permissible.

This leaves room for a wide range of different items to be placed with your loved one. Anything that they held dear, whether it be a hat, a diary, photos, or a favourite book, are all items that can make sending off your loved one a bit easier, knowing that they have that special something on their final journey.

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