Choosing a cremation urn is a very personal decision. Whether you’re selecting one for a beloved relative or are planning ahead for you and your family, it’s worth taking the time to find the right urn to honour a life well lived.

Making decisions like choosing urns in Perth can feel stressful, especially if a loved one has recently passed. At Hetherington Funerals we understand this pressure, and aim to help each valued customer find the perfect urn to suit both the personal tastes and practical requirements of your family.

Options for urns in Perth

Determining the best urn for you or your loved one typically depends on what you aim to do with the urn once it contains the ashes, and where it is to be placed. Cremation urns can be used as a display piece for commemoration, or simply to scatter the ashes in a location filled with meaning.

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Display urns

Decorative urns that represent the personality of your lost loved ones are ideal for those destined for display at home. Stunning designs like the Gold Blessing Bird Love Urns are ideal for retaining memories in an attractive way.

Funeral Homes Perth - Urns Perth - Hetherington Funerals

Keepsake urns

Should multiple family members or friends wish to keep ashes as a heartfelt means of remembering their lost loved ones, keepsake urns are a great choice. Beautiful Copper Oak Urns have additional smaller pieces to share with others, and are available in silver, bronze, platinum, and brass.

Funeral Homes Perth - Urns Perth - Hetherington Funerals

Columbarium urns

Should the urn be placed in a columbarium, make sure to note the dimensions and choose the right urn in both style and size. Our stunning designs are both compact and visually beautiful.

Funeral Homes Perth - Urns Perth - Hetherington Funerals

Eco friendly cremation urns

Choosing a biodegradable urn is ideal for those planning a water or natural burial. A focus on environmentally friendly options for cremation has increased in popularity in recent years; speak to the friendly team at Hetherington Funerals today about finding the perfect eco friendly cremation urns for your needs.

Find the right cremation urns in Perth for you

Choosing between the many options available for quality cremation urns means taking into account the personal tastes of your lost loved one, but it involves several practical considerations too.

Depending on where the ashes are to end up, you may need the right urn for scattering, burial, sharing, or display. These factors will influence the size and shape of the urn you need, and be sure to speak to your trusted urn provider about the right volume required for the deceased.

Quality, unique urns from Hetherington Funerals

As long standing providers of empathetic funeral and cremation services, as well as a wide range of urns in Perth for all budgets, Hetherington Funerals are proud to care for families during their most difficult time.

View our range of premium urns online now, or contact us today to discuss additional options available in catalogue such as eco friendly cremation urns.