Where Can You Have a Funeral?

The most common venues when it comes to holding a funeral ceremony are places of worship and the ceremonial halls of cemeteries and crematoriums. However, there are plenty of other options. In fact, when it comes to the service or ceremony side of a funeral, there are no rules aside from what you and your loved ones want. It can be as formal or as casual as you would like and can take place just about anywhere that is practical.

Religious Buildings

Religious buildings are not only meaningful places for people of faith but beautiful, architecturally unique venues that offer quiet and calm. For these reasons, they remain among the most popular choices when it comes to funeral venues even for families that aren’t very religious. However, there are limitations to how services can be personalised.

Function Centres and Public Halls

Function centres, sports clubs and other public venues are a suitable choice for secular funeral memorials for people. You can often hire a venue for exclusive use and personalise the service as you wish, including having live music, multimedia displays and catering. This is a popular option for people who were heavily involved in their local communities or specific clubs (e.g. sports, angling).

Most venues are very helpful in assisting with personal items for display, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, photos and other items that celebrate your loved one’s life. Holding funeral ceremonies at these venues allows you to personalise them to an extent that you couldn’t otherwise in more traditional settings.

At Home

People are increasingly choosing to host funeral memorials at home as it allows for a private and more personalised service. Your home offers familiarity and comfort, while also reducing the amount of stress involved in the logistics of the event. You can choose to have the service in a variety of spaces such as the living room area or in the garden.


Having a funeral service in a public park can be a nice way to say goodbye, especially if your loved one had a special connection to this park or nature in general. It’s important when hosting a ceremony in any public place to seek approval from the local council. You should also keep in mind that there may be logistical difficulties to consider, such as providing enough chairs, shelter from weather, etc.


Having a funeral service at the beach is another beautiful choice, especially if the deceased person felt a special connection to the ocean. However, careful planning is needed when it comes to a beach funeral in regard to weather and privacy. Aim to hold your service in the morning as it will likely be less windy and not as crowded.

Personalised Funeral Services in Western Australia

No matter where you want to have your funeral in Western Australia, Hetherington Funerals can help. Our compassionate and professional team have the knowledge and experience to help you understand the different options available for having a funeral service and can help create a personalised, meaningful funeral.

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