Cremating is a personal decision. It may have been the wishes of the deceased or a decision made by the family of the deceased. There are many reasons to cremate and choosing this option does not mean that you aren’t able to hold a memorial service to bring family and friends together to remember them and say goodbye. There are many other options for memorial services available to those who choose to cremation.

There are many other options for memorial services available to those who choose to cremate

Photo Tributes

One beautiful idea is to hold a memorial service with photographs showing the timeline of your loved one’s life. Ask close family and friends for their favourite pictures. Then you can take people on a journey through their life, telling stories through photographs from childhood through to their final days.

Themed Displays

 Most people will have passions and hobbies that they are known for, that represent them. Why not have a themed display that represents the passions of your loved one? This could be gathering a collection of cars that the deceased loved. Alternatively, it could be a gathering of crafts the deceased had made if this was a passion or hobby they were known for. You can ask family and friends to get involved and share something of this theme that reminds them of the deceased.

Video Presentation

 Video is an amazing way to re-live experiences with a passed loved one. Like with the photo tribute, ask close friends and family for any videos or images they have and gather a collection to take guests through the journey of their life, remembering them and celebrating their life.

Releasing Helium Balloons

 Releasing helium balloons or lanterns to the sky can be a therapeutic symbol of releasing your loved one. As an additional personal touch, you could ask guests to attach personal messages to your deceased loved one or perhaps attach photo’s that remind them of the deceased, then have everyone participate in releasing the balloons to say goodbye.

Scattering Ceremony

A scattering ceremony is most common for those who choose to cremate. Often people will decide on a place that is special to the deceased or the family. You can bring friends and family together to speak about the deceased or include any of the ideas above, before releasing their ashes to the earth.

When hiring a funeral director, share your ideas with them. Your funeral director will be able to ask you about the passions and hobbies of your loved one and work with you to create a memorial service that is personalised to them and your family.

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