Western Australia is unique in the way the funeral industry is run, especially in regards to burials. However, for those who are from the country or do not wish to be in the MCB cemeteries, there are ways to be buried elsewhere.

The Cemeteries Act 1986 states that ‘all deceased persons (are) to be buried in proclaimed cemeteries administered by responsible trustees, with appropriate records being kept in perpetuity. The trustees’ role ensures the proper and lawful burial of dead bodies and that the deceased persons are treated with respect across the generations, with gravesites accessible to all who may wish to visit them in the future. The Act does allow burial on land that is not a gazetted cemetery, subject to the prior approval of the Minister for Local Government (the Minister), but considered in the most exceptional circumstances.’

Therefore, you must be buried in a cemetery, but that does include local or shire cemeteries. Each shire has their own rules about the ties you must have with the area to be buried there.