The next generation has spoken, with formal funeral services on the decrease in recent years. There are many different reasons for choosing cremation over a burial – from religious beliefs to cultural reasons – but this does not mean forgoing honouring your lost loved one in a truly meaningful way.

Learn more about this movement away from traditional funerals, and why more Australians than ever are opting for personalised services and cremations in Perth.


Why choose cremations in Perth?


Losing a loved one is a stressful time, and exorbitant funeral costs can make it even more overwhelming.  With the cost of cremations significantly lower than a burial (on average $3000-$10,000 compared to approximately $6000-15,000), it’s no wonder many families are opting for personalised cremation services.

Lower environmental impact

The continuing growth in eco-friendly practices, and increased awareness around negatively impacting the environment, has increased the popularity of cremations. While crematoriums do have some negative impacts, it’s shorter lived than the extensive time it takes a casket and body to break down, releasing harmful gas like methane into the earth.

Flexible services

With so many unique options to commemorate someone’s life through cremation services in Perth, it’s hardly surprising younger generations are choosing creative, original means to hold a memorial service over traditional funerals. 

Being able to make key decisions – from where the service will be held to how their ashes will be scattered – is a deciding factor for many, with the power to personalise how to celebrate someone’s particular life and beliefs.

Commemoration through ashes

The value of being able to spread your loved one’s ashes in a place of their choosing, or to hold onto them during the intense grieving period, is invaluable to many people. Whether you simply don’t want your body to end up in the ground, or you wish your ashes to be kept with someone special, the choice is yours with custom cremations in Perth

Organ donation

While donating your body to science or giving your organs as a much-needed transplant is not for everyone, many people are choosing to provide their physical remains to help others. From reducing environmental impacts to holding differing views on death to older generations, there are many reasons to cremate your remains once organ donation has been completed. 


Opting for cremations services in Perth

The most important thing to remember when considering cremations services in Perth is that the choice is yours. Whether you decide on a cremation because of cost or wanting to hold a unique service, bear in mind it is your decision what happens to your remains.


Once you have clarified your wishes in a legal will, Hetherington Funerals will work with your family and friends to ensure your personal preferences are closely adhered to. Should you require any guidance, or want to arrange a pre-planned service, the friendly team at Hetherington Funerals are here to help.


Empathy and understanding from Hetherington Funerals

With a focus on compassionate care and a personalised service, Hetherington Funerals are here to help give you or your loved one the special send-off they deserve

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