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Funeral Live Streaming In Perth

Funeral Homes in Perth - Funeral Director in Perth | Hetherington Funerals

Funerals are a difficult time for any family, especially if family members are scattered and not able to attend the funeral service in person. More and more of those who are grieving are opting to livestream the service for loved ones who can’t travel to be there in person. At Hetherington Funerals, our Perth funeral directors offer live streaming and webcasting of the funeral service to help you keep your family members involved in the process.

How our Perth funeral directors can arrange a live telecast funeral

If you have family members who are unable to attend the service, we suggest you talk to the team at Hetherington Funerals on how we can arrange the capture and uploading of the service. You can also choose to have the service recorded to be viewed later or to be sent to family members after the event.

How to access a live streamed funeral

When you engage Hetherington Funerals for Perth funeral services, we’re able to provide the easy-to-use technology that means friends and family can be a part of the farewell – however far away they may be.

We will send you an invite to the webcast to your email address. This will contain the link to the streaming service. Please send this to family members or friends who would like to attend the live telecast service. The person watching the telecast will be able to use the link to connect to the video. We recommend choosing a device and location that has reliable internet connection.

Viewers can watch from the privacy of their home or can gather together in a common location to honour their loved one

Are funeral livestreams the future?

Live streaming will never take the place of in-person attendance of Perth funeral services, but instead should be viewed as a way to include more people in the service. Live streams are simply one more tool for mourners to pay their respects and to partake in an important part of the grieving process.

Contact our Perth funeral directors for more information

Our team at Hetherington Funerals will help you make the service meaningful for you and your family both near and far. Please contact us for more information on live streaming funeral services in Perth, and we’ll explain how the process works in more detail. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (08) 9459 2846. Alternatively, email us at  info@hetheringtonfunerals.com.au and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.

Assisting You With Complimentary Services

Naturally, there are many other aspects that need to be considered when organising a funeral for your loved one. At Hetherington Funerals, we can assist you in organising all or some of the following complimentary services according to your wishes.

Funeral Homes in Perth - Funeral Director in Perth | Hetherington Funerals
  • Paperwork, Permits & Certificates
  • Selecting a Coffin or Casket
  • Selecting an Urn
  • Funeral & Death Notices
  • Monument Works at the Cemetery
  • Embalming or Body Preparation
  • Viewings
  • Chapel or Church Services
  • Catering
  • Clergy or Celebrant
  • DVD Slideshow
  • Music
  • Professional Video
  • Mourning Coach