It might seem unusual to consider preplanning your funeral. However, once you get past the initial curious feeling, the realities of life make it a positive choice for most people.

None of us want to leave this earth without a proper send off. By working with experienced, understanding Perth funeral directors, you can create the perfect goodbye ceremony, funeral, or cremation service, while also taking care of surrounding costs with pre-planned funerals.


What are pre-planned funerals?

Pre-planned funeral services in Perth are an opportunity to arrange and pay for your funeral ahead of time. Working with an established, reputable funeral home who offers pre-planned funerals means you can curate your ideal send off, choosing each detail personally, while taking care of costs in advance.


Benefits of pre-planned funeral services Perth

Choosing to pre-plan your funeral is a truly empowering decision, letting you take control so you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of. If these advantages are not enough for you to consider the power that comes from preparing ahead of time, here are further benefits of preplanning your send off.

A gift to your loved ones

Losing someone close to you is a devastating time to go through, and the stress of having to arrange a funeral only adds to the suffering. Choosing a pre-planned funeral relieves your loved ones of the emotional and financial burden of organising a service, allowing them space to properly grieve.

Record your wishes

Being able to make key decisions for your funeral is very important for many people, ensuring you have the send-off you desire. But regardless of whether you care about this or not, pre-planning your service frees your loved ones from having to make these important decisions after you’ve gone. 

Avoid rising costs

While it can be tempting to avoid thinking about funerals when you have a lot of life yet to live, the truth is costs in Australia are rising every year. Delaying funeral arrangements could potentially leave your loved ones with a huge financial burden, or even wipe out your savings when the time comes to pay for your funeral.

Pay in instalments

One of the benefits of pre-paying your funeral is the ability to pay off the costs in instalments. This removes the stress of large, upfront payments, whether from you or your loved ones, allowing you to focus on creating the best possible funeral for your wishes, as well as enjoying your daily life. This investment removes the need for funeral insurance while maximising your pension.

Take your time

Having to make rushed decisions is never ideal. Working with empathetic Perth funeral directors to plan your funeral now removes the pressure from doing so during a difficult time, or leaving those tough choices for your loved ones to navigate after you pass.


Work with empathetic, experienced Perth funeral directors

With a caring ethos focused around providing the best possible goodbye to each beautiful soul we encounter, Hetherington Funerals offer experience and understanding when it comes pre planning your funeral


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