There is no way to be truly prepared for the death of a loved one. Whether expected or sudden, there will be adjustments both emotionally and practically that you, your family and your friends will experience.

Everyone deals with death differently, whatever you feel and however you grieve is as individual as you are. No one can tell you a right way or a wrong way, understanding this can help with the process; allowing you to experience this as you do, without judgement or comparison.

Support, whether arranging the funeral or dealing emotionally is important to help you deal with the death of a loved one.

Seeking Support before the Funeral

Unfortunately, when you experience the death of a loved one, there are certain responsibilities that need attention. Although this is the last thing anyone suffering from grief would wish to undertake, these arrangements are part of the process.

Funeral Directors help you through the grieving process by seamlessly taking care of the funeral arrangements. They take on roles include transferring the body to the funeral home, arranging the coffin and the viewing of the body, and all of the paperwork and legal requirements. They can also provide advice and guidance on decisions, such as whether to cremate or bury.

We are emotionally experienced in dealing with death and we work to relieve as much pressure and stress as possible, to ensure you can focus on yourself and your family during these testing times.

Seeking Support after the Funeral

 As everyone is different, some people will find solace in their friends and family, grieving together. Others need to process internally and can push people away. Again, neither are right or wrong but remember that support is helpful. If you do not wish to open up to friends and family, perhaps seek support groups, online forums or professional counselling to talk through and process what you’re experiencing.

Understanding the five stages of grief yourself; from denial through to acceptance; can also be a great help to understand what you are feeling. It can also provide comfort to know that whatever your experience, it is part of the process.

Established in 1999 by John and Mary Hetherington, Hetherington Funerals has grown to become a successful funeral service provider in Western Australia.  Their hard earned virtuous reputation is due to the sensitive and courteous client service it provides all of its valued clients.

Their professional advice, compassion, attention to detail and willingness to personalise the ceremony greatly influence the funeral arrangements experience. We have the knowledge to help you understand the different burial and cremation options available and to help create a personalised, meaningful funeral.

Whether you need to plan a funeral now or wish to think about the future!

Hetherington Funerals are here to help you plan the funeral of your loved one. For more information or advice please contact us on (08) 9459 2846, submit an enquiry on our contact page or look at our funeral services here.