Many people understand, at least theoretically, what is involved in a funeral service. We identify the location for the service, notify loved ones and coordinate the details of the service; from flowers to eulogy to music and the wake.

Following the service, many people can feel uneasy; this is the part of the process that is least familiar. Understanding this part of the process allows you to feel more comfortable and prepared as these steps are carried out. When we speak about disposition, we are referring to the way in which the deceased’s remains are finally handled.

What is involved with the funeral and final disposition process – Cremations and Burials

Understanding your disposition Options:


Many people do not realise that they are able to have a funeral service even if they choose cremation. If you wish to hold a funeral service and/or open casket, the cremation can be conducted after the ceremony. This may be done the cremation itself is not the final disposition. Cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through intense heat. The remains are typically then moved into a temporary container or urn to be given the family for them to determine what they wish to do with the ashes. There are many options available to families who choose cremation, such as a scattering ceremony to return the ashes of the loved one to the earth, or the family may wish to keep the ashes with them in an urn.

Trust our funeral directors to guide you through the options available to honour your loved one’s life. Here you can find more information on your options and things to consider for the final disposition of your loved one’s ashes.


Traditionally, families opting for burial will conduct a funeral service and then move the body and attendees to a gravesite to witness the burial and continue the service. You could potentially also have the funeral service and burial at the same site, whether at a church where the deceased is buried on the grounds or some people decide to have the funeral service at the cemetery to combine the funeral service and the burial. The burial is the final step in the disposition of the body.

There are many options and things to consider when choosing a burial for your loved one. Let Hetherington Funerals support you through the process and answering any and all questions to ensure you are comfortable with the final disposition process of your loved one.

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