What are the Benefits of Pre-planning Your Funeral

When someone dies in the family, it’s common for everyone to feel confused about what to do first when it comes to funeral arrangements. Planning at short notice can be difficult, especially when processing grief. Pre-planning your funeral mitigates most of the stress and extra costs associated with planning a funeral ceremony.

Improved Planning

By pre-planning your funeral, you can take care of many of the key details and arrangements in advance. This helps your family better deal with the stress of your passing by taking care of a lot of the tasks involved in organising a funeral. Planning in advance also gives you and your loved ones more time to consider and make decisions regarding every detail, from the type of ceremony to what type of coffin or casket you want, location of the ceremony, the decor and even the music.

Ensure Your Wishes are Carried Out

Pre-planning is also a good way of making sure any wishes you have regarding your funeral ceremony are carried out. It takes the guesswork out of the common questions of “what do we do next” or “what would they have wanted”? By documenting your last wishes, you can ensure your remains are handled in accordance with your personal preferences (i.e. burial, green burial, cremation).

Prepare Financially

An unexpected death can mean unexpected costs in addition to grief. A pre-planned funeral allows you to mitigate any financial stress associated with your passing by arranging a funeral bond. This is a tax-free capital deposit that partially or fully covers your funeral. Funeral bonds are great because unlike insurance, they don’t involve premiums and if you don’t use all the money, it’s returned to the estate. It can also be used in conjunction with other insurance benefits depending on the circumstances.

Reduce Conflict

By creating a plan for your funeral ceremony, you can reduce emotional stress as well as avoid any disputes among your family members. Family members can get into arguments after a loved one has passed due to disagreements about arrangements or inheritance. By minimising uncertainties during an emotionally charged time, you can make the situation easier for everyone.

Pre-Planned Funeral Services in Western Australia

At Hetherington Funerals, our compassionate and professional team of funeral directors can help you through the process of pre-arranging your funeral. We understand that every family or individual has different ideas about how the passing of a loved one should be acknowledged or celebrated. We’ll help you figure out details such as whether you prefer burial or cremation, where you want to have the service and more.

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