Finding the right coffin is an important part of arranging any funeral, as it is the physical vessel holding the precious remains of your loved one. The casket often plays a central role during a farewell ceremony, as it is usually placed front and centre, acting as a focal point for the mourners.

As well as determining the best size and shape, there are many other options to consider when choosing a coffin. In order to set the right tone for the service it needs to fit in with the surrounding traditions and beliefs of the deceased, as well as suit the budget and arrangements in question. Read on to learn all you need to know about selecting coffins Perth.

Choosing the right coffin for you

The first step in selecting the best coffin for your needs is to determine the required size (via height and weight), and the budget to hand. These clarifications will help determine the best choice for the next step – deciding on the best material and style of coffins Perth.

Just like any purchase, personal preference should play a key role in choosing the right vessel for burials. A wooden casket such as the Grecian Urn Rosewood is a classic choice for traditional ceremonies, or the Norwood Jarrah coffin is simpler style for a more understated event.

Available options for burials

Anyone interested in a more eco-friendly option will be interested in the Rundle Pine – Solid Timber Coffin alternative. With rope handles, a cotton interior, and natural finish, it has a soft look and organic materials that won’t harm the ground it’s placed in, making it perfectly suited for the environmentally conscious. 

When considering coffins Perth, bear in mind what would best suit the funeral style, and the personal preferences of the deceased. Solid timber coffins combine a classic look with quality of materials, whereas traditional style caskets could be seen as more distinct, with additional options available such as half-lids for those planning an open casket funeral service. 

Superior coffins Perth

If you are feeling overwhelmed about making the right coffin purchase – whether you’re planning ahead for yourself or arranging the service of a loved one – don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team at Hetherington Funerals

Years of experience helping families arrange a loving goodbye has given us the insight and understanding needed to make an appropriate yet practical decision when it comes to picking the right coffin. From storage and transport arrangements, to budget and quality of materials, we have the insight needed to help you with any queries or concerns you may have. 

Conscientiousness care from Hetherington Funerals 

Working with the caring staff at Hetherington Funerals means finding help for all aspects of funeral arrangements in the one place, making this difficult time as easy as possible for you. With extensive experience organising burials and creating funeral plans makes us the most caring and helpful choice for you and your loved ones.

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