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Thank you for supporting the family through the preparation phase of Mum’s funeral and at the service itself. We were very pleased with the dignity of the arrangements and the staff assisting were most helpful. Please accept our sincere thanks.


Just a short note to thank you sincerely for the excellent funeral service you were able to conduct for my mother. The team was very professional and caring, and the day was relatively stress free, thanks to your efforts. Thanks again for a job well done.



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The time of a loved one’s death is always difficult; when it is overseas or interstate it only complicates matters further. Most people find repatriation an overwhelming notion, however, it is not as difficult as one might imagine. Whether international or interstate, repatriation is almost exactly the same, with a few minor variations in regards to paperwork. Though things might feel overwhelming, experienced funeral parlours in Perth can help to guide you through the process.

International Repatriation

There are times when Australians pass away while overseas or overseas visitors pass away in Australia. In such distressing scenarios, Hetherington Funerals can plan and coordinate the repatriation of a deceased loved one, either from overseas to Australia or from Australia to overseas. The caring directors at our funeral parlour in Perth coordinate repatriations to and from Australia and will complete the application and manage all paperwork on your behalf, to ensure a seamless repatriation that provides peace of mind. To help you understand what is involved, below is a step by step guide to the process using an example:

  • Your loved one has passed away in Perth and would like to be buried in Canada where they were originally from. We, the funeral home, would take the deceased into our care, and then meet with the family.
  • At the meeting, we would proceed to collect family details and information for the death certificate. We would also need to collect the passport, as well as decide which funeral director you would like to use in Canada.
  • We would arrange for embalming to take place, as it is required by law, and apply for a death certificate from the registry office. We would also book a flight and begin collecting all the necessary paperwork needed for the flight.
  • Depending on the destination and the various paperwork required, it takes between 1-2 weeks from the time of the arrangement to the flight.
  • Once the flight has departed, our involvement comes to an end and the funeral director in Canada takes over.

If the situation is reversed, and a loved one has passed away overseas and needs to come home to Perth, then what has been described above will occur, but we, as the funeral parlour in Perth, will take over from the time the flight lands. Our funeral services involve collecting your loved one from the airport and taking them into our care. From there, we would make a time to make the funeral arrangements with the family and the standard funeral process would begin.

Our funeral services always meet international repatriation requirements

Be aware that as repatriation requirements differ from country to country, repatriation time frames vary accordingly. In some cases, the repatriation process may take just a few days, in others it could take several weeks. It’s also important to note that transporting a loved one in or out of Australia falls under the Biosecurity Act 2015. Certain requirements, including official documentation, may also need to be met with the country to or from which the deceased will be transported. Professional help from a funeral parlour in Perth such as Hetherington Funerals is advisable to ensure a smooth repatriation.

Domestic Repatriation

Interstate Repatriation works very similarly, however, there is less paperwork involved and embalming is not compulsory. Hetherington Funerals provides local, regional and interstate repatriation services and has the administrative and logistical capacity to ensure all transfers are completed professionally, efficiently and within the agreed timeframe. We understand just how difficult the death of a loved one is, especially when the situation takes place away from home and additional preparations need to be made.

Ashes Repatriation

There are legal requirements to meet when posting of ashes in or out of Australia. If you need to repatriate the ashes of a loved one, Hetherington Funerals can assist you in repatriating ashes domestically within Australia and overseas. Along with liaising with transport service providers and providing advice on suitable urns, we’ll also manage all administrative paperwork (including the cremation certificate and statutory declaration) on your behalf.

Contact Hetherington Funerals

With highly-trained professionals at Hetherington Funerals, coordinating the repatriation of your loved one, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the most reliable repatriation and transfer, and other funeral services in Perth. Contact Hetherington Funerals for further information on (08) 9459 2846.

Assisting You With Complimentary Services

Naturally, there are many other aspects that need to be considered when organising a funeral for your loved one. At Hetherington Funerals, we can assist you in organising all or some of the following complimentary services according to your wishes.

  • Paperwork, Permits & Certificates
  • Selecting a Coffin or Casket
  • Funeral & Death Notices
  • Monument Works at the Cemetery
  • Embalming or Body Preparation
  • Viewings
  • Chapel or Church Services
  • Catering
  • Clergy or Celebrant
  • DVD Slideshow
  • Music
  • Professional Video
  • Mourning Coach