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Many thanks for your services in relation to my uncle’s funeral. Everything went smoothly and your understanding and professionalism was appreciated. Your choice of celebrant to run the proceedings was excellent. Overall we were very pleased with the whole process.


Very professional and reasonably priced. Will organise everything that needs to be done. Thanks Eric.


Eric and his team at Hetherington Funerals provided a beautiful and memorable funeral service for my aunt when she passed away a few months ago. They were caring and professional and delivered a high quality, reasonably priced funeral. They were able to take my ideas and bring them into reality, with a high level of attention to detail. Many people approached me after the service and said it was one of the nicest funerals they had attended and commemorated my aunt’s life so perfectly. This independent, family owned funeral business lived up to its claims of “Our family caring for your family” with their genuine, empathetic and professional approach. l would highly recommend Eric and his team.


On behalf of all the family, thank you for your wonderful funeral arrangements that you delivered so professionally. We can say without hesitation that you delivered on your commitments in spades. You are not only congratulated but you should take pride in the way every member of your company shows a true commitment to your vision of your company’s goals. And in our case particularly you Ashton you are the right person in the right professional outfit. We have no hesitation in recommending your firm to anyone who is looking for a professional outfit. Thank you and God Bless.

Harman Family

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The Corona Virus is affecting every person in every industry, and this includes the funeral industry.

As per Prime Minister Morrison’s address yesterday, all indoor gatherings are to be restricted to 100 people.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has put their own restriction in place allowing no more than 50 people to be in attendance at funerals held at the cemetery. This applies to both chapel service and graveside services.

As funeral directors, we will be encouraging people to keep their funeral services to a minimal number of people. We also advise that any elderly or unwell people should carefully consider their need to attend funerals.

Finally, The West Australian recently published an article stating that catering was no longer available at cemeteries, nor were limousine services. This is incorrect. We are still offering both services to our clients at this time.

For more information, please contact Eric Dekker (General Manager) on 0438 952 511 or Chelsea Faber on 0434 356 716

Kind regards,
Chelsea Faber
Operations Manager


Families ‘gutted’ as new 10-mourner rule forces last-minute funeral changes

A Perth funeral home has described the heartbreak new restrictions on funerals have placed on bereaved families who must now change their funeral plans.

No more than 10 mourners can attend funerals from Thursday until further notice, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced.

The 10-person limit includes a funeral director and celebrant if used, so in reality only eight….


People skills the trait of a good mortician

WHILE the average person might perceive mortuary work to be a profession suited to people with a preoccupation with death, for Hetherington Funerals Owner and Funeral Director Eric Dekker, it’s a calling that requires a knack for dealing with the living.

With no formal qualifications required to be a mortician, Mr. Dekker learnt the trade from the previous owner of Hetherington Funerals and has been working in the industry for roughly eight years.

“it’s very much an industry that is governed by character rather than any particular academic knowledge.” he said.

“When you’re dealing with people who are bereaved, you need to have people skills.”

From his own experience, Mr. Dekker said there were two types of people who become mortuary workers.

“There are the ones who are very empathetic and who view the body very much as a living who they want to respect.” he said.

“They will be the ones who actually talk to the person they’re working on. That’s…



Did you hear about the woman who woke up in a mortuary just before getting embalmed in America? Eric chatted with Michael and Carmen from 6PR Weekend Breakfast about the situation and the likelihood of it ever happening in WA, as well as giving some behind-the-scenes insight of what happens at a funeral home.

It is always a pleasure speaking with Eric Dekker regarding the funeral industry. We both have a passion for educating people, and to be able to openly and honestly discuss issues surrounding the funeral industry has been great. Our monthly chats are always informative, not only to the listeners but also for myself.

Tune into Curtin FM 100.01 and hear Hetherington Funerals own Eric Dekker chatting with Jenny Seaton about all thing funeral related.

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What happens behind the scenes at a funeral home