Pre-planning is a term that is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It has numerous advantages and it is a fantastic way to be prepared for the future. One thing that stops people from setting up a funeral bond is their fear of being ‘locked in’ to a certain place or funeral director. If that is you, fear no more!

When you set up a funeral bond, you do so with your selected funeral home. However, even though you set it up with a certain funeral home, you are not completely locked in.

For example, Bill and Mary set up a funeral bond ten years ago while they were living in Queensland, but due to their family all living in WA have decided to move here. When they moved to Perth, they gave us a call and explained that they had a funeral bond in Queensland but they weren’t living there anymore. They would like to use Hetherington Funerals, but is that possible? We told them absolutely! We got in touch with the funeral home in Queensland, and they transferred the paperwork and funds over to us.

And it is as easy as that. A funeral bond can be transferred anywhere within Australia, and it doesn’t cost anything. So, if it is something that has been holding you back from prearranging your funeral, please don’t let it! There are always options available.