How to Make Sure Everyone Can Pay Their Respects

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Spending time properly grieving a loved one is an important part of the mourning process. For many, a key part of this is the funeral service. It offers a shared experience where you can connect with others dealing with the same emotions, as well as having the opportunity to personally say goodbye,


For those unable to attend a funeral, the loss of this mutual grieving opportunity can be a tough addition to losing someone special. The widespread travel bans put in place due to the pandemic, both nationally and globally, have made this issue a prevalent one, now more than ever. At Hetherington Funerals we offer a vital solution in the form of livestreamed funerals.

Share and connect with others

Video streaming has become part of our everyday language, and constant technological improvements means it has never been easier to connect with someone on the other side of the world.


When it comes to Perth funerals the same principles apply, with secure web links and a scheduled recording in place so nobody has to miss out on saying goodbye to a loved one. Having a family spread across the world is commonplace these days, making Perth funeral live streaming a practical inclusion for anyone unable to attend.

How a Perth funeral live telecast works

At Hetherington Funerals we have everything in place to connect those unable to attend. A secure link is sent to you via email which can then be sent to all missing family members and friends, enabling them to be present at the funeral live telecast from Perth.


Clicking on this unique link connects to a streaming service, where a telecast stream created just for this function will be playing. As long as they have a steady internet connection, individuals can join the Perth funeral from anywhere in the world, even gathering in groups to watch it together, and share this important moment of mourning.

An effective tool

A Perth funeral live telecast may seem unorthodox, but this functional service is a pragmatic way to include those unable to be physically present. While the events of the past year have increased the prevalence of live streaming, it’s not a new practice. Hetherington Funerals also offers the option of a video recording for later viewing, and sharing with family and friends.


With global travel on an open-ended pause for most, live streaming has become instrumental for families divided at a time of loss. While in-person funerals can never be displaced as a core grieving tradition, live streaming a Perth funeral can greatly help those separated by distance, who can then be connected through the shared experience.

Trusted Perth funeral directors

Our main goal as your chosen family-owned funeral home is to help you and your loved ones have a meaningful service that celebrates life as much as honouring a death. We offer a range of customisable services, including live streaming, to suit the unique needs of your family.


At Hetherington Funerals we pride ourselves on providing only top quality, comfortable services for our fellow Perth residents. For more information on funeral live telecasts Perth, or to learn more about the options we offer for funeral services, simply get in touch today or call us on (08) 9459 2846

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