To be a pallbearer is a huge honour awarded to some of the most important people in a person’s life. Knowing who to choose can often be very hard, especially when you have a big family or circle of friends.

If you have family who are willing and able to do it, it is a wonderful way for them to be involved on the day. It is always special when children or grandchildren can escort their parents or grandparents to their final rest. However, it is important to ensure they are able to keep control of their emotions. If the immediate family will be too emotional on the day, then close friends are a great option. Friends of the deceased are usually willing to pall bear and feel very honoured to be asked.

Nowadays, it is not only a men’s task to be a pallbearer. Where once it was strictly a man’s role, women can certainly do the job as well, and it is becoming normal to see women escorting their loved one at a funeral.

Being the pallbearer for a loved one is one of the final acts of service you will do for them. Ultimately, all that matters is that your loved one’s final journey is treated with dignity and respect.