Eco Friendly Services 2019-07-30T03:28:53+00:00

Thank you for supporting the family through the preparation phase of Mum’s funeral and at the service itself. We were very pleased with the dignity of the arrangements and the staff assisting were most helpful. Please accept our sincere thanks.


Just a short note to thank you sincerely for the excellent funeral service you were able to conduct for my mother. The team was very professional and caring, and the day was relatively stress free, thanks to your efforts. Thanks again for a job well done.



For those who are concerned about the environmental footprint left behind by us all, there is always the possibility of an Eco friendly burial. This includes, but is not limited to, Natural Earth Burials, which take place at Fremantle Cemetery. In its strictest sense, Eco-Friendly suggests all natural products and a minimal amount of energy being used for the final disposal of the body. It usually includes a cardboard or natural timber coffin, removal of any unnatural substances from the lining (eg plastic) and as little use of machinery as possible.  However, this does not mean that wise Eco-Friendly choices can’t be made even while saying farewell the loved one in a more traditional way.