Determining whether to bury or cremate is the first big decision when planning the funeral of a loved one. Everyone has different reasons for why they prefer one to the other and there is no right or wrong option.

At the end of the day, it is up to you and your loved one regarding what you feel comfortable with.

For those who are unsure, we wanted to give you some things to consider for both options to help you determine which is best for you or your loved one.

Are you undecided about whether to choose a burial or cremation?
Cremation vs Burial: Which is the Right Choice?

Burial has been the traditional option for some time, this is mostly due to religious practices. Many feel comforted that with burial there is a place where family members can come to visit to celebrate special occasions or simply to remember. Another benefit to burial was the ability for the family to be buried side by side, a symbol of re-joining one another when they had passed.

Burial is the more costly of the two options. With a traditional burial, you have the expense of the coffin, embalming, grave purchase and plots. Natural burials can still be quite economical and also eco-conscious if you opt for biodegradable materials and opt out of embalming and other niceties that may not always be necessary, depending on your wishes.

Cremation has risen in popularity over recent years. There is now more understanding and openness toward people choosing to go down the path of cremation, rather than a traditional burial. Cremation is the most economical option of the two, this is because there is no need to purchase a coffin, or plot for the grave. Many people have begun to find cremation appealing as they become more conscious of the economic impact funeral services can have on families.

Some people find cremation unsettling because of the burning of the body or not having a particular place where they will rest. Others are drawn to the idea of their loved ones being scattered across the earth or even taking their ashes around the world with them.

This decision typically comes down to religious belief, personal views and economics. Both are honourable and respectable options for you or your loved ones. If you are unsure and wish to speak to someone in more detail about the two options, Hetherington Funerals can guide you through the decision making process to determine which best suits you and your loved one’s wishes.

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