Dressing the deceased and preparing the body for burial is an age-old tradition. It can be dated all the way back to around 3500BC, where we can read about the mummification process the Egyptians followed. Since those days, pre-funeral rites have changed drastically. Modern-day embalming made its appearance following the American Civil War, and since then embalming has become a common practise.

Today there are many families who decide not to have a viewing or have their loved ones embalmed. The question that always remains after that decision has been made is, ‘do we still need to have our loved one dressed?’

The answer to that question is neither yes or no. Like so many decisions pertaining to funerals, it is completely the family’s decision. While for some, it seems uncaring to leave their loved ones in the clothes they passed away in, to others it is a way of showing respect by not disturbing the body again. Since the deceased is wrapped in a shroud, they are still sent to their final resting place in a dignified manner.

At the end of the day, the decision lies with you and what you are comfortable with. There is no wrong or right way of going about it. As long as you are comfortable with the choice you make, it is the right decision.