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Very professional and reasonably priced. Will organise everything that needs to be done. Thanks Eric.



For many different reasons, cremations are more common than burials in Western Australia. For some there are cultural or religious reasons. Others wish to return the ashes to the country of origin, or wish to keep their loved ones close by at home. Still others choose cremations for budgetary reasons. Whatever the reason, cremations remain the choice of many.

The cremation process begins with preparation of the body. It is common for families and friends to leave special tributes in the coffin, which are cremated along with the body. The funeral director will notify you of what is and isn’t permissible.

The casket is then taken to the cemetery, either Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, Karrakatta Cemetery, Fremantle Cemetery or more recently Rockingham Regional Memorial Park. It is at these locations that the crematoriums have been built and the physical cremation takes place.

The third stage of the process takes place a few days after the cremation has occurred. It is then that the ashes become available for collection from the cemetery, either by the family direct or else by the funeral director. This is according to the families wishes.

The final stage then involves the final placement of the ashes. Will they be interred at the cemetery, scattered to the winds, gently placed in the ocean, or kept at home in a personalised urn? This is the final decision the family will need to make as they seek to honour their loved one and lay them peacefully to rest.


Assisting You With Complimentary Services

Naturally, there are many other aspects that need to be considered when organising a funeral for your loved one. At Hetherington Funerals, we can assist you in organising all or some of the following complimentary services according to your wishes.

  • Paperwork, Permits & Certificates
  • Selecting a Coffin or Casket
  • Selecting an Urn
  • Funeral & Death Notices
  • Monument Works at the Cemetery
  • Embalming or Body Prep
  • Viewings
  • Chapel or Church Services
  • Catering
  • Clergy or Celebrant
  • DVD Slideshow
  • Music
  • Professional Video
  • Mourning Coach