You know your loved ones better than anyone and often the process of designing their funeral service is a way to honour their life and their final wishes. These days, it is common for families to take an active part in the planning of the funeral service.

Thankfully, you do not need to do this alone but you can have as much involvement as you wish, to say goodbye to your loved one in a personal way that represents them and your family.

A funeral service is the celebration of the life of your loved one, and consequentially, there are a number of things to consider when planning a funeral service.

In order to be best prepared for funerals, consider the following:

Burial or Cremation

 This is a personal decision, there is no right or wrong, whatever the wishes of you or your loved one, Hetherington Funerals can assist you to make arrangements for either burial or cremation.

 Confirming the Details

 The first stages of planning a funeral service begin with identifying the day, time and venue of the service. If you have family travelling from interstate or overseas you may wish to delay the service in order to have all of your loved ones there. Also, consider who you wish to lead the service; this could be clergy, a private celebrant, a family member or friend.


This refers to how you wish for the casket to be transported. Perhaps you would like family to carry the casket into the venue. You also need to consider how you wish to transport the casket to and from the venue.


There are many personal touches that you may wish to add to your loved one’s funeral service. This could include:

  • The style of their coffin.
  • If you wish to have music played throughout the service.
  • Who will prepare and present the eulogy? What you would like discussed and remembered in their eulogy.
  • What flowers, if any, would you like?
  • Are there any additional touches that your loved one would appreciate or that represents them and would be meaningful to have as part of the service?
  • Would you like to arrange for people to be able to make donations to a particular charity in honour of the person?

Hetherington Funerals was established in 1999 by John and Mary Hetherington and has since grown to become a successful funeral service provider in Western Australia.  Their hard earned virtuous reputation is due to the sensitive and courteous client service provided to all of their valued clients.

Their professional advice, compassion, attention to detail and willingness to personalise the ceremony greatly influence the funeral arrangement’s experience. We have the knowledge to help you understand the different burial and cremation options available and to help create a personalised, meaningful funeral.

Whether you need to plan a funeral now or wish to think about the future, Hetherington Funerals are here. For more information or advice, please contact us on (08) 9459 2846, submit an enquiry on our contact page or look at our funeral services here.