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When someone you love dies

WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE DIES There is no way to be truly prepared for the death of a loved one. Whether expected or sudden, there will be adjustments both emotionally and practically that you, your family and your friends will experience. Everyone deals with death differently, whatever you feel and however you grieve is as individual as you are. No one can tell you a right way or a wrong way, understanding this can help with the process; allowing you [...]

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Ideas for Writing an Eulogy

IDEAS FOR WRITING A EULOGY A Eulogy is a beautifully written piece, often spoken by loved ones to praise and remember someone who has passed. For many, it is an honour to write and speak this piece at a funeral service. It is no easy task to capture the feelings and stories of your loved one, made harder by the emotional nature of speaking in public and saying goodbye. Given this is an emotional task, the best advice is to [...]

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Helping children with grief and loss

HELPING CHILDREN WITH GRIEF AND LOSS No one wants to watch their children suffer from grief and loss. Often this is at the same time as adults are also suffering from grief and themselves unsure of how to process it. Of course, children are different in the way that they process and understand death. This also changes depending on their age, meaning that there is no right way to help children that cover as a blanket across all ages, it is important [...]

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What to look for in a funeral home

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A FUNERAL HOME Choosing a funeral home is an important decision that one will make, either for themselves or for their loved one. Experiencing the death of a loved one is a tough experience, the role of a funeral home and funeral director is to relieve some of the responsibility from your shoulders so that you can focus on family and healing. For many, it is overwhelming to know where to begin when looking for [...]

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Memoral Ideas for Veterans

MEMORABLE IDEAS FOR VETERANS Veterans are Australia’s brave men and women who have risked their lives to protect their fellow Australian’s in times of war and conflict. They performed an honourable service to our country, it is no wonder that following their service we wish to acknowledge their sacrifice and honour their service through ceremony and remembrance. When a Veteran passes away, there are options for the family to honour their military participation as well as support available from the Department [...]

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