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What happens when it’s a coroner’s case?

Whilst the passing of a loved one is always sad, there are some cases that are more traumatic than others. In the event of an unexpected death, the Coroner’s Court of Western Australia will get involved. Depending on the situation, there are several options, but the standard procedure goes as follows: When someone passes away unexpectedly, the deceased will be taken to the State Mortuary. There, an autopsy will take place to determine the cause of death. When we are asked [...]

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Can I donate my body to science?

Donating your body to science is a noble way of giving to the future. Many people are willing to give their bodies to aid medical research; however, there is more to it than just notifying your family and the university. The first thing to be aware of is that even if you donate your body to science, there is no guarantee that the university will accept your body. As a result, it is a good idea to let your family [...]

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Do I have to have a funeral?

Society and its demands are constantly changing, and this is as true for the funeral industry as it is for anything else. The demands and expectations associated with funerals are decreasing for numerous reasons, although the biggest factor is cost. With these changes, there is a question that is becoming more and more popular: do I need to have a funeral? The short answer is yes: everyone must be buried or cremated. However, you do not need a funeral service. [...]

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How do I get a death certificate?

Every time someone is born, gets married, or passes away, it is required by law to register the occasion with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. There are two things that need to happen before a death can be registered: Firstly, the regular doctor of the deceased will complete a Medical Cause of Death (MCD). (This is not to be confused with the Death Certificate from the Registry Office.) The MCD is a document stating the natural cause of [...]

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The time of a loved one’s death is always difficult; when it is overseas or interstate it only complicates matters further. Most people find repatriation an overwhelming notion, however, it is not as difficult as one might imagine. Whether international or interstate, repatriation is almost exactly the same, with a few minor variations in regards to paperwork. To help you understand what is involved, below is a step by step guide to the process using an example: Your loved one [...]

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How do I choose a funeral home?

So, how do you go about choosing a funeral director? When is the best time to do so? After all, with over 50 funeral homes to choose from in the metropolitan area, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that need to be made. Add to that when you have lost a loved one…well, that’s probably not the thing you’re going to want to focus your attention on. This is why many people are now deciding [...]

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What if I don’t have a minister or celebrant?

The celebrant or minister who leads the service is a vital part of your loved one’s funeral ceremony. Just as with a wedding, they lead the service and will work with you prior to ensure you get a ceremony that reflects your loved one exactly as you wish. However, many people do not have a minister or know a celebrant. We at Hetherington Funerals have trained celebrants in our employ and also work with many celebrants with whom we can [...]

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Do I have to be buried at the MCB cemeteries?

Western Australia is unique in the way the funeral industry is run, especially in regards to burials. However, for those who are from the country or do not wish to be in the MCB cemeteries, there are ways to be buried elsewhere. The Cemeteries Act 1986 states that ‘all deceased persons (are) to be buried in proclaimed cemeteries administered by responsible trustees, with appropriate records being kept in perpetuity. The trustees' role ensures the proper and lawful burial of dead bodies [...]

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Music at a Funeral

Have you ever been to a funeral and thought “this song describes my loved one perfectly?” Or perhaps you heard the music and thought it was highly inappropriate, or something you would never choose. In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, ‘where words fail, music speaks.’ Music has the power to move people, and it is no different at a funeral. Choosing the music for a service is where many people put most thought and effort. Traditionally, there are four songs [...]

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What is Involved in the Funeral and Final Disposition Planning Process

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE FUNERAL AND FINAL DISPOSITION PLANNING PROCESS Many people understand, at least theoretically, what is involved in a funeral service. We identify the location for the service, notify loved ones and coordinate the details of the service; from flowers to eulogy to music and the wake. Following the service, many people can feel uneasy; this is the part of the process that is least familiar. Understanding this part of the process allows you to feel more [...]

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