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Thank you for supporting the family through the preparation phase of Mum’s funeral and at the service itself. We were very pleased with the dignity of the arrangements and the staff assisting were most helpful. Please accept our sincere thanks.

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Hetherington Funerals

Established from humble beginnings in 1999 by John & Mary Hetherington, Hetherington Funerals has grown to become a successful provider of funeral services to many families throughout Western Australia.

John Hetherington, who in the early days was a Salvation Army pastor and a regular radio show host on Curtin FM 100.1, committed himself to serving the needs of bereaved families as a small, independently owned, family operated funeral home. In time, John decided to amalgamate his business with Classic Funerals, which at the time was another small and independent funeral home. However, in 2014, John and Mary decided it was time from them to retire from the funeral industry and sold their business to another family owned enterprise who continue to operate the business today.

Keith Wieske with son-in-law Eric Dekker were already active in the funeral industry through their endeavours with Baskerville Funerals. Although a small player in the industry, it was this business that provided them with the necessary experience within the industry to be confident to pursue development and growth. It was therefore a natural progression that when the opportunity to purchase Hetherington Funerals presented itself that the decision was made to combine Hetherington Funerals with Baskerville Funerals. The ‘Hetherington’ name was retained due to the outstanding reputation that it had developed over its years in existence. In 2015, Personal Funerals was also acquired and over the years that followed the business has continued its upward trend in growth and development.

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 “Hetherington Funerals promises peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s funeral is in good hands”

Hetherington Funerals is a true family affair. With Chelsea, Ashton and Tamsyn, three of Eric’s six children involved, as well as Keith’s son Berwan, and granddaughter Katelyn, there is a definite feeling of love and family.

Today, Hetherington Funerals continues to be a proud independent and family owned funeral home offering a high standard of service to WA families in the Perth metropolitan area (and surrounding country precincts). Our priority at all times is to provide a level of service to our clients that relieves the burden of anxiety and stress that often accompanies times of loss and grief. We are committed to providing services in a timely and efficient manner, and our staff are trained to be attentive to the emotional needs of each family. If arranging a funeral seems like a daunting task, contact us and we’ll guide you through all of the necessary considerations. Allow us to minimise any duress by providing the support, comfort and guidance for your family throughout the funeral process.