Cremations have continued to rise in popularity, overtaking traditional burial in many areas. There’s a plethora of reasons for this growing trend, from cost and practicalities to religious and eco-friendly preferences, but one of the main benefits has always been the ability to keep and share ashes.

Whether your loved one chooses to have their ashes scattered, placed in a crematorium, or memorialised in a special way, keepsake urns allow multiple family members to retain a portion of ashes for sentimental reasons.

Learn more about why keepsake cremation urns are increasingly popular, and how leading funeral homes in Perth can provide the ideal urn for a wide range of preferences.

What are keepsake urns?

A cremation urn is a specially designed container for holding cremated remains in the form of ashes. There are many types of urns, some created for scattering and others uniquely designed to hold ashes long-term in a beautiful capsule.

Keepsake urns are smaller variations of traditional urns designed to hold a portion of ashes, so more than one family member or friend has a keepsake to remember their loved one by.

Sharing ashes is not a new trend, but an increasingly popular means of scattering or burying someone’s ashes while still being able to retain a fraction as a special form of remembrance.

The increasing popularity of sharing urns

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Scattering someone’s ashes according to their wishes is a beautiful way of returning them to a favoured location or body of water while saying goodbye in a heartfelt ceremony. However, as scattering ashes is irreversible it can be invaluable for certain family members to retain a small amount of the ashes in sharing urns to continue their respectful grieving process at home.

This can be especially significant for families who relocate or live far away, forging any feelings of abandonment by having a special keepsake urn close by. With many options for materials, designs, and sizes, you can find the perfect sharing urn to suit the personality and preferences of your lost loved one.

Stunning butterfly urns like the blue Wings of Hope or the Lights of Remembrance provide deep meaning for peaceful memorialisation.

Choosing unique keepsake urns

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Cremation urns from respectful and empathetic suppliers are available in many sizes to suit a range of purposes, from adult and companion sizes (for 2 people) to small keepsake sharing urns. Take style and material into account, from wood and glass to porcelain and ceramic like the gorgeous grey Encased Heart urn.

Tealight urns are a beautiful way of storing a small amount of ashes, whether for a beloved friend or a deceased pet. Lighting a candle within the urn is a peaceful and reflective way of keeping your loved ones’ memory alive.

Beautiful keepsakes urns from Hetherington Funerals

Select the ideal sharing urns for your loved ones with Hetherington Funerals, where each option is made from quality materials in stylish-yet-respectful designs. As established providers of cremations, burials, and cultural funerals, Hetherington Funerals are proud to offer empathetic support and assistance to the families and communities of Perth.

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