Funeral Pre-paid Planning

With so much advertising about funeral planning, it is little wonder so many of us get a bit confused about the best option to take.  Funeral pre-planning is a highly emotional and personal matter, not to mention the financial commitment that can come with such a decision. Through considered funeral pre-planning, Hetherington Funerals perth can offer you an easier way.

Why Should I Pre-Plan My Funeral?

Funeral pre-planning is a parting gift of love to your family.  There is nothing more certain in life than death, but we don’t know when it will occur.  Being prepared lifts an enormous burden from those who will have the responsibility of organising a funeral.

During the grieving stages, it is very difficult for loved ones to think, remember, and focus on the task of planning a funeral. This is a time of answering questions and making decisions. It can cause an unnecessary rift in the family as each member has his or own idea about what “Mum or Dad would have wanted.”

Funeral pre-planning with Hetherington Funerals in perth allows you to record your wishes. You decide on the question of burial or cremation as well as other important decisions. We also record your answers to the often difficult questions that are needed to complete the Death Registration Form.

Pre-paid funeral plan

There is no age limit or medical assessment requirements when funeral pre-planning.  We have planned funerals for people as young as 28 and as old as 99!  Most pre-planners fall in the 60 to 80 age range.

The Hetherington Funerals teams believe the best time to pre-plan your funeral is as you make the transition from the workforce to retirement and you are thinking of your leisure years.

Who Does Funeral Pre-Planning?

You can pre-plan your own funeral or you may like to have a family member with you. They can help make decisions and give confidence in knowing that what you are doing is right.

For older family members who have not pre-planned their own funeral, you might be the one who has to make the arrangements.  Moving an older parent into an aged care facility or hospice is often a good opportunity to pre-plan their funeral.  You may have the role of guardian or hold an Enduring Power of Attorney, which gives you the authority to pre-plan the funeral.  Be assured, doing it ‘now’ is so much easier emotionally than when the time comes.  Placing money into a Funeral Bond, in some circumstances, can help reduce the cost of Aged Care.

My family benefited from a pre-paid funeral plan?

We may often think who will bear all the expenses when death occurs. One way to ensure who to be responsible for making funeral plan and arrangements and paying for them is to shift the burden from family by arranging a pre-paid funeral plan.

If the funeral is required before the plan has been paid in full we will still conduct the funeral in accordance with your wishes.

What Are the Steps in Funeral Pre-Planning?

There are two steps in pre-planning a funeral:

Step 1: The Pre-Arrangement

We will help you through the process of pre-arranging your funeral.  Each family has different ideas about how the passing of a loved one should be acknowledged or celebrated. Will there be a burial or cremation? Will you have a religious service? Some prefer to have no service at all while others want a service in our chapel, a church, a cemetery, their own home or an alternative venue.

There are many options to be considered including choosing a coffin, the flowers (if desired), and the music for the service. In addition, you’ll need to answer questions on the Death Registration Form, which requires correct dates, names and spelling. We will record all of this vital information in our system to be ready for when the time comes.

By doing the funeral pre-planning for your family, you will greatly relieve them of the stress of having to make decisions and provide accurate information at a time when it is enough just be dealing with grief. Often, families do not know even the basic information such as their parents’ names, where they were born, and so on.

Step 2: Preparing Financially—Opening a Funeral Bond

A funeral bond is a capital guaranteed investment and a form of pre-paid funeral planning.  It is a secure investment held in your name that does not belong to the Funeral Director and its specific purpose is to meet funeral expenses. Annual bonus payments accumulate in your bond, making it grow and helping it to keep up with price rises. Bonus payments are exempt from personal income tax.  Your contributions and allocated bonuses are always secure.

A Funeral Bond can be opened with as little as $100 and minimum payments of $50 by direct debit, BPAY or cheque, or you may choose to pay a lump sum into the bond. Payments can be stopped at any time without penalty should your circumstances change. The money is held by Funeral Plan Management, which is an approved fund for this type of investment.

Tax Benefits – Your Bond will not affect your means-tested pension. Monies held in a funeral bond are not deemed part of your assessable assets and bonus payments earned on the investment are not assessed as part of your income for pension purposes. Opening a funeral bond in Perth to reduce your assets may be of assistance when moving into an Aged Care facility.

Should you be away on holiday or change your place of residence, your investment will be portable, so you can meet the cost of your funeral anywhere in the world.

This is the easiest and most flexible way to prepare for your funeral in Perth.

Step 2 Cont’d: Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance is another option to help with a pre-paid funeral.  If you already have an insurance policy, we will help you with a pre-arrangement and note your policy details on the pre-planned funeral document.

We generally do not encourage clients to take out funeral insurance as the premiums will continue to increase and in most cases, you will have paid for your funeral many times over. If you miss making just one payment, the policy can be cancelled no matter how many years you have had the policy and how much you have paid over the years!

If you have any further questions about funeral pre-planning in Perth, contact us online or phone us on 1300 554 300 and we will make an appointment to visit you in your own home to complete your plan.